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Affluent Investor | February 12, 2016

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February 12, 2016 |

The Slowdown in Venture Capital Deals is a Cause for Concern

Last year, the market for venture capital soared to new heights. A record amount of money was raised, with global funding for VC-backed companies reaching $128.5 billion, a 44% jump from 2014.

However, this impressive annual data doesn’t show … Read More

February 12, 2016 |

Why Are WE Calm?

The ugly action in the market Friday, repeated in the market Monday of this week, has reinforced for short-term investors that the rallies we have intermittently been experiencing are being sold, meaning traders are taking advantage of moves higher to … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

15 Reagan Leadership Lessons

As with other consequential presidents before him, Ronald Reagan is emerging as a historical figure transcending the partisan politics of his time.

Reagan on Leadership explores his leadership approach.

Here are 15 top Reagan leadership lessons:

15 Reagan Leadership Lessons

1. … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders And The Equal Sharing Of Miseries

Finally America gets to hear from real voters instead of us knuckle-headed pundits. One hopes that those Hawkeyes were paying attention to what the Tax Foundation, the umpire of all things tax policy, recently announced.

Sen. Sanders’s tax plan would … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

Fourth Circuit Gets The Second Amendment Right: Americans Can Choose How Best To Defend Themselves

In an extremely important decision on Feb. 4, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s ruling in favor of Maryland’s 2013 “Firearms Safety Act.” That statute (like so many supposed gun control laws) banned a wide range … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

A Special Place In Hell…

I never thought that Madeliene Albright was all-that-bright when she was Secretary of State. But to be candid she never spoke much. Nearly always a sour look on her face a woman who honestly I barely have a memory … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

The $50 American Road Trip

Put $50 of gas in your tank. How far do you get? With fuel prices this low, quite a distance. But don’t try to hit Miami Beach from downtown Atlanta, though: your tank will run dry by Pompano Beach, … Read More

February 11, 2016 |

Today Here is a Practical Tip to Help You Get Unified With Your Spouse.

My wife and I are writing a book to help married couples get united as couples. It will help end the fighting, the arguments, the hurt and more importantly, the frustration of not making any progress towards your financial goals.

Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Musings on the Search for Your Next President – The Day After New Hampshire

What a difference a week makes. One week ago: Trump under-performs polls badly in Iowa; Rubio out-performs polls in Iowa significantly; and the narrative gets formed (particularly after a few more key endorsements) that Rubio is on the march towards … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Group Therapy Session at the Institute for the Politically Insane

It’s Saturday morning in the sunlit day room, time for the weekly group therapy session at the Institute for the Politically Insane. Patients file in, surrounded by tough looking orderlies.

After everyone but one has had their chance to … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Oil’s True Message

The pervasive narrative on Wall Street is that the collapse in oil prices will, any second now, restore consumers to their profligate spending ways. In fact, financial pundits have been calling for plunging energy prices to imminently rescue the economy … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Keynesianism is Not the Answer for Syria and the Middle East

The organizers of the 2016 London Conference on Supporting Syria and the Region issued a joint announcement that they aimed to support neighboring countries that have shown “enormous generosity” in hosting Syrian refugees in order to cope with the impact … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

They Broke the Silver Fix

Last Thursday, January 28, there was a flash crash on the price chart for silver. Here is a graph of the price action.

If you read more about it, you will see that there was an irregularity around the silver … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Risky Business

In advance of this year’s Super Bowl, USA Today readers were challenged in an editorial about the morality of the decision to watch the game. It had nothing to do with questionable advertising. Or skipping the Sunday evening service at … Read More

February 10, 2016 |

Lessons in Courage

Has fear ever prevented you from doing something you wanted to do? Has fear been an excuse not to do something that you needed to do? If you are human, then the answer to both those questions is a … Read More

February 9, 2016 |

Christie’s Attack Hurts Republicans

It was clear during Saturday’s night debate that Chris Christie knew it was his last chance to get a good showing in New Hampshire. And that in order to do that he needed to substantially damage Marco Rubio’s standing among … Read More