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Affluent Investor | December 5, 2016

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December 5, 2016 |

New Job Report, Not Working 9 to 5

Few scenes elicit laughter more than a hog-tied, dog-collared Dabney Coleman swinging from the ceiling struts of his own bedroom.

You already know I’m referring to that perfect moment in Nine to Five. Franklin Hart, Jr., the 1980 film’s dredge of humanity boss, … Read More

December 2, 2016 |

Anti-Trump Riots: What They Are Really About

It is the aftermath, as much as the actual results, that explain why the public defied all expectations and voted for Donald Trump.

Over the course of the past eight years, the White House’s focus has concentrated on ideological … Read More

December 2, 2016 |

Trump Victory Causes Market Shock Then Awe

Investors are getting quite comfortable with the victory of Donald J. Trump. So much so the brief shock to global financial markets is a distant memory.

In case you missed it, when Trump clinched the highest office in the land, … Read More

December 2, 2016 |

Student Debt Hits New Record

Did you graduate in 2015? Did you take out a student loan? Then your debt upon entering the job market was exactly $30,100. At least, that is the national average according to TICAS, the Institute for College Access and Success.

Some … Read More

December 2, 2016 |

Will Trump Bring Morning or Mourning in America?

On election night, as political analysts were coming to terms with the possibility of a Trump presidency, the Dow Jones futures plummeted over 800 points, and Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 plunged more than 6.1%. Investors across … Read More

December 2, 2016 |

Survey Says Affluent Are Most Worried About Money

According to a new survey, “People who earn more than $75,000 have a greater fear that they’ll run out of money in retirement. Overall, 23% of survey respondents say their top worry is that their savings will run out, … Read More

December 1, 2016 |

Political Riots Are Part of Larger Unrestricted Warfare Campaign

According to the book, Unrestricted Warfare, the end goal of economic warfare is chaos. It is accomplished through social panic, street riots and a political crisis after confidence is destroyed in the banking system, media, stock market, and power … Read More

December 1, 2016 |

Most Influential Latino Evangelical Leader On How To Get 50% Latino Support For GOP

Bill Moyers once asked Pastor Sam Rodriguez (the president of the nation’s largest coalition of Latino churches) who his political heroes are. Sam told him “JFK and Ronald Reagan.” Moyers asked him how he could reconcile the two, but there … Read More

December 1, 2016 |

Sins of Omission

Last week, I was a guest lecturer in a class on Leadership Ethics. We looked at many verses in Proverbs that relate to ethical business and leadership practices. One of those verses is Proverbs 18:9, which states, “One who … Read More

December 1, 2016 |

$1 Million Isn’t Worth What It Used To Be

Being a millionaire is overrated.

The term itself has quite a few connotations, including many that have been ingrained in us since we were children. Becoming a “millionaire” meant being set for life, and not having to worry about … Read More

December 1, 2016 |

Top 12 Christmas Season Scams

Unfortunately, this wonderful time of year is when scammers attempt to prey on shoppers.

The Better Business Bureau publishes a list of the Top 12 Scams of Christmas. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Fake charities: The … Read More

November 30, 2016 |

Note To Trump: Cut Useless, Unauthorized Spending And Here’s The Place To Start

Let’s take Donald Trump at his word that he means to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. One aspect of that swamp is the way federal agencies spend money on public relations and outright propaganda.

The erosion of budgetary constraints … Read More

November 30, 2016 |

The Dangerous Attack on Constitutional Government

The United States is in great danger from those who advocate, condone or simply ignore the trend towards defying Constitutional mandates and practices.

America is about to turn a corner in which a movement that has engaged in the practices … Read More

November 30, 2016 |

How Much Government Debt Rests Upon Your Shoulders?

With the U.S. National Debt closing in on the $20 trillion mark, there has been a lot of conversation in Washington about debt and its role in government.

And most of that conversation right now revolves around President-elect Donald … Read More

November 30, 2016 |

Ivy League Young People Are Natural Conformists Who Think They Are Non-Conformists

It is commonly supposed that young people are natural rebels. Youth, we sometimes imagine, is a time of free thinking and non-conformism—a time when people try to think things through for themselves, from scratch as it were. But this is … Read More

November 30, 2016 |

Your Job is Not Your Identity

It’s been three years since I completed my previous “assignment” at Moody Radio. I’ve now completed two and half years in my new talk role at AM1160. I’ve come to view my work life through the “assignment” paradigm after … Read More