What Is "Affluent Investor"?

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About the Author: Bill Steigerwald


The oldest member of the Pittsburgh multimedia family that includes his TV sports brothers John and Paul, Bill was an editor and writer/reporter for the Los Angeles Times in the 1980s, the Post-Gazette in the 1990s and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in the 2000s. His interviews and libertarian op-ed columns were nationally syndicated for about five years via CagleCartoons.com, and he worked briefly for CBS-TV in Hollywood in the late 1970s. His free-lance articles and commentaries have appeared in many of the major newspapers in the USA and in magazines like Reason. The former Pittsburgh Press paper boy retired from the daily newspaper business in March 2009. His first book, "Dogging Steinbeck," tells how he retraced the 10,000-mile route John Steinbeck took for his classic road book "Travels With Charley" in 1960 and proved that it was not nonfiction but a highly fictionalized and dishonest account of the author's trip.

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