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Affluent Investor | June 23, 2017

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The Government School’s 100 Year War On Children


Government schools have been hurting children and destroying America for a long time. Common Core is only the latest assault in the 100 year war on American minds and hearts. Given the long history of the monopoly Education Establishment of secularizing education, removing it from church and family,  making good citizens rather than well-rounded, fully educated people, its history of developing and spreading anti-American, and anti-Christian sentiments– it cannot be fixed.

Richard Mitchell’s often hilarious little book, “The Graves of Academe,” was a good first look at the incompetence and ideology of the education establishment. The 1918 meeting of the NEA’s Committee For The Reform Of Secondary Schools aimed at  eliminating the classics in high schools, claiming that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is “elitist.” Few went to college anyway, so why bother? The high school must instead train future factory workers and home-makers, thus starting a trend.(1) We can see the result today.

Nowadays parents are appalled at textbooks with more pictures and fewer words. Historical content has been diluted and polluted, ignoring much true history, focusing instead mostly on the less important that fits the progressive template:  America Bad, Everybody Else Good! What little is taught about Christianity is generally libelous, refusing to admit its essential role in Western progress and liberty and the United States. The program exists to dumb-down, demoralize, and destroy the American spirit of individual responsibility, authentic patriotism, and Christian culture. Ronald Reagan said it best: “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

As we cannot tolerate the loss of American culture, economically we suffer as well with a system that has placed America’s youth near the bottom in academic achievement among industrialized nations. Common Core has forced into the open this gross incompetence.

Under this educationist mono-culture, candidates in teacher training programs must accept Atheism, Progressivism, Darwinism, Al Gore-ism, Feminism, et. al., ad nauseum, or keep their mouths shut. Deniers would be condemned to the outer darkness as bitter clingers to what all normal people believed for two millennia. How can you fix that? In fact, all half-measures do fall short.

Many criticize government schools, but few call for ending them. Sheldon Richman with his often hilarious book, “Separating School and State” is one of several.(2) Lil Tuttle of the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute, compared Richmond Virginia area public school prices and results with 60 non-exclusive private schools. Private school tuitions averaged about half, while getting better results with both gifted and special-needs children.(3) And there’s liberty; the same Thomas Jefferson who believed government schools necessary to form good citizens also, in typical Jefferson fashion, contradicted himself elsewhere, calling it “tyranny” to force any citizen to pay for teaching others ideas offensive to him!

How do you end any huge program that people depend on? States pulling out of Common Core lose federal funding. Few parents can afford private school tuition. Fewer still feel competent to home school. Yet half-measures, even when they do succeed against enormous political pressure, do not get to the root of the problem. And they are fraught with peril. Yet, parents who pull their children out fear being accused of bad parenting. Politicians are loathe to even think about it. Yet, history that they don’t teach in government schools proves all socialist redistribution schemes fail and eventually bankrupt the state. The Welfare State, the Medi-state, the Edu-state– all are sinking the boat faster than we can bail it out.


(1) Richard Mitchell, The Graves Of Academe, (c) 1981, pp69-91,


(3) Lil Tuttle, Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute, Public Schools Charge Prep School Prices,

Michael H. Smith writes with a different take on culture, economics, constitutional politics, and the state of the Church from Southside Virginia. As a Catholic convert holding a BA in political science from Franciscan University, he remains in recovery from earlier careers as a general contractor and the insurance business. Present day hobbies include general aviation and never completed little construction projects around the house. Recreation can be found in pickin’ and singin’ old time country and bluegrass music with other senile citizens, pleasant offset to the lingering habit of Republican Party politics.

  • Andy Z

    It took me half a lifetime to unlearn the teachings of the Philadelphia public school system and it was nowhere near as bad in the mid 50’s when I started school. Most will never have the desire to seek out the truth

  • Marianne-in-NJ

    If I had children, they would not be enrolled in the public school system. The depth of history distortions, Left-Wing agenda brainwashing, Common Core, and a rather anti-American bias forced on impressionable kids is appalling. Damage done in some cases is irreparable.

  • James Stagg

    We are sending our great grandchildren to a small Catholic school in Illinois. They are being taught ethics (as part of the Catholic religion) and reading, writing, math and science. It is only an eight-year school, pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. When kids from this school merge into the county public school system, it is like putting them into a dark room for the next six years. We pay the tuition; it is minimal for a “private” school. But the people in this area of Illinois do not realize the treasure within their community, and so this school, as has happened to many excellent schools, will wither and die.

    We grieve not only for our great grandkids’ future education, but we grieve for those kids buried by cheaters, like Atlanta, and, most of all, we grieve for those who will never have a chance to learn in the public systems we have experienced.


      God Bless You for caring enough for these children of God to take that step. Now, YOU can find a Catholic High School. Don’t grieve too much, but pray and discuss. The U.S. Government and liberal controllers who DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD (or rebel against His loving care for all) want your children to the last generation to be slaves to them. We have to be revolutionaries against this tide and keep LOVING the children God gave US.

  • Turn9

    I cannot imagine how bad the education system is now. I graduated HS in 1968 and my kids graduated HS in 78-81. Neither mine nor my kids education can be compared with the nonsense being taught now! Our oldest Grandson was home schooled by our daughter and she did an awesome job teaching him! I am incredibly proud of hi & my daughter. The kids who are left to go to the public schools are not getting an education; they are getting an indoctrination! I used to worry because the kids were not being taught how to get a job they are just memorizing stuff without having any concept what the words they memorized actually meant! BTW, my 3 kids attended Catholic schools for most of there k-12 time…. the prices were always reasonable. IMO, we need a program to push all parents to enroll their kids in Catholic (or other religious) schools but not Muslim schools (without tight parent oversight). It would overwhelm the religious education system but maybe they could increase in size fast enough to scare the politicians enough to actually DO something positive for a change!

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