Senator Lee’s history is fascinating, but he knows that most Americans won’t readily grasp the problem of a federal government that has gone far beyond its proper scope. How can we get them to see that a government that won’t abide by its fundamental charter is undesirable?

One of his suggestions is to put this in terms they’ll probably understand, such as a neighborhood homeowners association. What if the clique in charge of your HOA were to take actions beyond what the owners agreed to and didn’t even consult them? You’d be outraged – and should be equally so over the way federal officials have grabbed power than the Constitution denies them.

America today is much worse off for having allowed “progressives” and statists to wreck our constitutional framework. We are poorer because government policies that should have been declared unconstitutional have wasted tremendous wealth and diverted energies into seeking favors from Washington.

We are also a far more contentious and divided nation because many issues that should have been left to the states or the people under the Tenth Amendment are now subjects for furious battles in the nation’s capital. Recall that Madison warned about the harm that would come from clashing “factions” if the government’s power were not constrained. Because the constraints have been loosened or even eliminated, we suffer from the precise malady he forecast.

Senator Lee deserves a lot of praise for a learned yet easily read book that explains our predicament.