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Affluent Investor | June 23, 2017

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How Big Government’s 100 Years’ War on Healthcare Killed My Wife

US Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building

Big Government killed my wife. Years before a very dedicated team of physicians saved and extended her life, but the second or third class of doctors— all trained by the same schools and salaried by the same enormous government medical teaching facility let her life slip through their fingers.

Increasingly burdened by death dealing regulation and rationing of care, they failed to notice subtle changes in her that should have alerted them to find much earlier much earlier. Even after the late finding when her chances were not great, continued inadequate care, and unexplained delays of treatment were her death sentence.

But don’t blame government. That is like blaming sharks, it is what governments do, kill people and break things. Government is never suited to saving lives, enhancing health, forming characters or anything else but waging war and otherwise preventing bad people from harming the good. Jefferson recognized that. Government, especially the federal government, governs best only when it adheres to the Constitution that by the absence of any clause regarding education, health, welfare, etc. prohibits such involvement. Like the Basilisk, Big Government kills what it contemplates.

Over 100 years ago rent-seeking ‘professionals’ demanded government license only the good ones, and keep out they considered bad. This mafia-like partnership is what ultimately led to death dealing Obamacare. Now doctors are as much victim as the rest of us.

Writing about killer government’s 100 Years War on Our Children I covered only one facet of the Death Star that is an unconstitutional and runaway Big Government. It owns us, now controlling virtually every aspect of our lives. Victims of Bid Ed include parents teachers and children. Victims of Big Med include victims, families and all medical care professional. By concern for patients, we all are held hostage! Politicians being too stupid, fearful for their own power and money or positively wicked refuse to acknowledge either the roots of the problem or its only solution: Get Government Completely Out of Medicine!

As government should have no role in education, so our late friend Marchall Fritz proclaimed— and only some 30,000 mostly conservative activists responded. It never caught on with the general public. Yet if you ask people on the ground in either profession all agree that Big Government, and its non-professional lackeys, should at least play a much smaller role. Somehow, many more Americans must join the war against unconstitutional killer government, and pare it down to its constitutional roots.

In our own case, as I sat on the window sill of Linda’s cramped and cluttered hospital room— our home for those six weeks, every nurse, technician and doctor I asked agreed that the quality and availability of health care would be higher and costs lower if government got completely out of it! So why mess around with slippery slope, ‘loosen the noose’ conservatism? Sensibly, the constitution should be obeyed. We all know in our heart that private individuals and associations are wiser and more caring than even the best people running government. And that includes government protected monopolies and oligarchies.

What would replace the government system? Well, read Milton and Rose Friedman’s 1975 book, “Free to Choose” and see me after class. Or just wait for more to die or our financial collapse.

Michael H. Smith writes with a different take on culture, economics, constitutional politics, and the state of the Church from Southside Virginia. As a Catholic convert holding a BA in political science from Franciscan University, he remains in recovery from earlier careers as a general contractor and the insurance business. Present day hobbies include general aviation and never completed little construction projects around the house. Recreation can be found in pickin’ and singin’ old time country and bluegrass music with other senile citizens, pleasant offset to the lingering habit of Republican Party politics.

  • Antogeny

    I am so sorry about Michael’s wife, but the article is 100 percent correct. DumBOcare is focusing on getting rid of old people. Government has grown so big that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing – and nothing it does is as good as it should be. I believe government is driving good doctors out of the field, and not encouraging young people to study medicine. And, why should they? Our government has no respect for their sacrifices – 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, an internship, a residency, and after all of that many have huge student loan debts to repay. And, DumBO now wants them to talk about his anti-gun and global warming agendas?????? Poppycock! We can’t even get all young people to stay in HS long enough to graduate – and, if I were young and wanted a career in medicine, I’d go to vet school. In fact, I’d trust my vet more than some MD’s I’ve seen at work! Too many of them, like DumBO, got into and through school because of Affirmative Action – and the schools just passed them on because they didn’t want to be sued for discrimination. Ask Michael Jackson how his Affirmative Action doctor worked out for him. Unfortunately, Americans are too self-centered to educate themselves about what is going on in their world. If we don’t have an educated, involved populace, we will NOT hold on to this country.

  • Alan404

    Might it be that MD’s are spending more time looking at ever changing “regulations” and not enough time on the practice of medicine

    • betsy ross

      Michael Smith is correct. College education has been DUMBED down. The Brightest are NOT going to medical school (per an actively working surgical MD) and he is now dealing with second class NEW MD’s (which he stated was frustrating that he is considering leaving practice). Government NEEDS to get out of healthcare. Government is destructive to EVERYONE”s quality of life and healthcare. The old axiom ‘nothing is free’ applies to Obamacare. Government does NOT value life only the POWER it has to determine who will live and who will die vie Obamacare as government now controls the sources of monies to pay for care. The equation is now healthcare= (MD + feds) + patient( young – old).

      • Alan404

        Though some would deny it, and by the way, the vaunted “private sector’s hands are quite far from clean”, once government get’s it’s hands on or into something, gertting them out of it becomes a hellish project, what with all the “rice bowls” involved, all of which must be kept full, all the time.

        • betsy ross

          So true, Obamacare is in bed with the private sector now (aka insurance companies, as well as drug co’s). This was started in the Clinton era per policy. The insurance co’s will NOT experience a loss as the government is going to cover the loss with OUR taxpayer monies.

          • Alan404


            The foregoing having been noted, where to from here?

          • betsy ross

            Obamacare has to go and then elect a Man with integrity who truly believes in the Constitution and this country as the Founders intended. The mass media should not be taken at its word as many are Leftist. does a pretty good job at researching the background of organizations, association, unions, individuals, etc. It is the past writings and actions which tell the true picture of a person as far as their ideologies are concerned. Ben Carson had a great solution for healthcare. I see him as the Cabinet head of HHS. But, of course we need a Conservative person in Our House who understands a free economy and STRONGLY adheres to the Constitution as written. The Democratic Party has been infiltrated for decades (since the Wilson, FDR era) by Marxists. Read The Naked Communist by Skousen as it is an eye opener. Then look a the mission statement of the Congressional Progressive Caucus which contains Marxist ideology statements. Although their statements and policies sound innocent enough, their goal is to slowly erode the foundation of OUR nation. Don’t need a President that is in bed with private entities nor in bed with the special interests many which has VERY strong Marxists ideologies. We need a FREE America where everyone has a chance to prove themselves and contribut positively to society. We need to become activists for the CONSTITUTION and OUR self-determination.

  • Stuart Shepherd

    So sorry, Mr. Smith. You live an honest life. That is all you can do. I am a doctor. I attended one of the “finest” (Stanford) and the smallest Medical school in America. I have long, long not practiced. I went for the “quiet” life of construction and other manual labor. Medicine has been dumbed down, because of government as a big social program, by catering to single white females. The AMA is now dominated by lesbians- but they’re “entitled” to hold these positions, etc, and viciously agressive in doing so. Exactly your concept of a caring, competent doctor? Medicine is also too fragmented and fraught with regulations to be quality care- vis a vis the totalitarian, “benevolent” and “protecting,” “in your service” government. Forget the Republican party and just enjoy life to the degree that God has blessed you to do so, in my opinion. God bless.

    • And good on ya for your honesty and ethics !

      What we call health care here in USSA is more akin to death care ? I urge everybody to look up Dr, Marys Monkey and read all that is out there on the subject ? There is a lot and some videos as well. It will change you forever ! and you will realize the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today !

      This will get you started , but there is much more out there online to know about this incredible story ! about the fraud of the polio vaccine and many other criminal acts perpetrated on the AMERICAN PEOPLE .


    100 years? Well I hate to tell you, we will see in the next 12 months the entire obamacare plan go into effect. So many devastating parts of obamacare have been put on the back burner nearing the end of obomber’s term of office, before being implemented! Why? Well, if Americans saw it all at once it would have lived a very short life. Once the entire bill rolls out, we will see exactly what this will cost our nation and her people. If we survive this health care debacle, I will be amazed! Trust me when I say, the ONLY LOSERS will be the American Citizen. The one group that will be completely wiped out will be the working, tax paying, CITIZEN!

  • Karll

    Politicians from both parties are primarily interested
    in Growing govt, not reducing it. They are considered
    to be “productive” when they add more laws to the million
    pages of legislation that Already exist.

  • ADRoberts

    At it’s core, big government is about manipulating the selfishness of mankind. And the end can only be destruction.

  • Ralph Nettles Sr

    I could not agree more with Antogeny, he is right on. I am so sorry that Michael lost his wife,
    but the government doesn’t care about
    about you and me. Their only concerned about control, and health care is a
    great way to control people. Many people don’t realize that a good part of
    Obamacare is forcing the states to increase their Medicaid for those who can’t
    afford the high cost of plans offered by the exchanges, even with the “help”
    of the government. Let’s go back to an open market health system and watch the
    costs go down as insurance companies ply for you business.

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