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Affluent Christian Investor | September 20, 2017

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Russia, China, Iran, and the Dollar as Reserve Currency – Part Three

This is the third part of what is now a four-part update. As a reminder, Part One shared about the Russian economic collapse and the implications for global economic war. Part Two covered the Chinese slowdown and IMF (temporary) rejection of the Yuan and the implications for global economic war. Part Four will discuss developments with the Iranian nuclear agreement and yes, the implications for global economic war.

Before we discuss Iran, however, we should take note that Russian media is prominently discussing a coming American economic collapse with it seemingly scheduled for the September/October timeframe this year.


American Union Bank during the Great Depression

Perhaps this is sour-grapes-based wishful thinking on their part. Or, perhaps they are playing on serious anxiety already at work in America based on the Shemitah predictions or the Blood Moons. Or, perhaps this is intended to create the required anxiety necessary to set the stage for financial terrorism or other serious attack. Or, it might be as Michael Snyder suggests that Russian media has “more freedom to talk about important issues than reporters that work for the major corporate conglomerates in the United States…”

Take a quick review of these article excerpts and then review the links to original sources from Sputnik News, Pravda, and RT (Russia Today).

First, from Sputnik News:

US is Gearing Up for Onrushing Economic Apocalypse

August 17, 2015

Most of the experts agree that all the optimistic data like record earnings on Wall Street and a surging dollar is just disguising fundamental cracks, and the collapse of historic proportions will happen within few months, starting in the US. No wonder such forecasts, and there are dozens, from professional economists leave US and the world dizzy and shivering in fear and helplessness, just what one would probably feel if the actual apocalypse was coming….

Then Pravda:

Seven-year cycle predicts 2015 collapse

March 20, 2015 by Will Hart

1966: Stock market collapse, Vietnam War, protests

1973: Oil embargo (Oct), Yom Kippur war, Stocks collapse, recession

1980: Inflation, Iran-Iraq war, Silver panic, Stocks crash, recession

1987: Black Monday (Oct.), largest single-day crash ever

1994: Bond collapse, DJIA bear market, war

2001: Stock market crash, 911 (Sept.), recession

2008: Stock market collapse 9/29 (Sept.), recession


…..Another 7- year period would elapse and bring us to Sept. 29, 2008. On this infamous day stocks skidded, with the Dow slumping nearly 777 points, the biggest single-day point loss ever. Approximately $1.2 trillion in market value vanished in a twinkling.

Again, seven years to the month exactly from the 2001 crash. But apparently no one noticed this pattern because the financial presstitute corps never mentioned it. Is it any surprise at this point that after lowering interest rates from 2001 to 2004, the FED started ratcheting them up again? …

That brings us to the next 7-year point in the cycle, 2015.

We are indeed in a Brave New World of globally, interconnected, wildly gyrating economies. From the point of the last collapse until now, the FED has tried to stimulate the economy by essentially keeping interest rates at near 0 for 6 years. (For the first time in history) Yet the once vibrant economy has been acting like a Zombie.

Where is the old GDP growth that much less stimulus used to create? Gone, a thing of the past, but you say, the Stock Market is at all time highs. Did you pay attention to the above?

Oil prices have been cut in half over the past 10 months. The dollar has risen and you are being told that lower oil prices will help the economy and stock market. No they won’t. The global economy is in the throes of a massive deflationary wave. Commodity prices peaked in 2011 they have been falling ever since oil was simply the last to fall.

Lately, everything from oil and gold to foreign currencies are down. The last holdout is the Stock Market. Why should it alone stay up? Interest rates have nowhere to go but up. However, the FED is constrained because the strong dollar is already hurting imports and overseas corporate profits.

In addition, none of the most recent economic and business news is positive. Retail sales were down during the 2014 holiday season. The FED has learned — instead of raising interest rates — they are jawboning the dollar up by intimating that they will raise rates in June.

In fact, they cannot do that without hitting the kill-switch as they have done in the past as we have seen above repeatedly.

When will the collapse come? I think you have already figured that out at this point…


Originally posted on GlobalEconomicWarfare.


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