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Affluent Christian Investor | September 21, 2017

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May Your Results Reflect Your Preparation?

studying (Photo by Steven S.) (CC BY) (Resized/Cropped)

(Photo by Steven S.) (CC BY) (Resized/Cropped)

I’m weird. Let me just beat you to that conclusion. I’m one of those guys who in college LOVED BUS410 “Business Law.” The book was ridiculously dense, the classes long, the concepts rapid and broad, and the teacher graded without a curve – taking delight in a 40% failure rate. I loved it because it was so relevant, so challenging, and clearly connected to everything I would one day do in the world. But, there was one aspect of the class we all disliked. At major exam days she would pray for the class and for our test taking experience. Pretty cool, right?  Wrong. Her prayer went like this:

Father, these students are stressed out. They are intimidated by the test, by the material, by the expectations to succeed. These are good kids. I know you want their best for them and do not want to see them be anxious in anything. Would You, by your Spirit and grace, grant them peace?  

I know what you’re thinking – not too shabby, right?  Oh, but wait!  She didn’t stop while she was ahead and just say “amen.”

Father, I pray that you just have their test scores reflect their study habits. May those who have truly, diligently prepared for this enjoy the fruit of that preparation in good test scores. Let the fruit reflect the diligence! Amen.

A massive groan was simultaneously heard across the classroom. Usually in a good, soulful prayers you’ll here “MMhmm, amen, yes, Lord…” In this you heard, “On NOOOooo, Please Lord, no!”

What if she said the same prayer about your business results? How many of us approach quarter after quarter, season after season, scenario after scenario, HOPING for a win or better results?

Check out this strategic planning toolkit that can take you from wishing to a rigorous plan in a matter of a few hours: STRATEGY KIT (free)

Then, the data shows that knowledge is rarely our deficit – it’s execution. It’s said that vision without implementation is hallucination. A key to consistent execution is accountability and encouragement. That’s why 10 year studies showed that leaders in a C12 Group had 3X the profitability growth over secular round table member companies.

Who are YOU “running with” as a leader? In God’s eyes… Results Matter!


Courtesy of C12Group Central Texas.


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