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Affluent Christian Investor | September 19, 2017

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The Immediate Future of France

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Francois Hollande, as President of France, is about to decide the future of his country.

Elected four years ago publicly pledging to overcome applied foreign ‘austerity’ with populist rage touting to ‘soak the rich’, has met the reality of Gallic terror whose chief malignancy is both unassimilated French west Africans, and a monolithic welfare state. A perfect storm has been brewing for decades; as of this writing, France is coming apart.

Politically, Hollande is worried about members of his own party staging open revolt. His own Prime Minister Manuel Valls no longer has the confidence of rank and file membership; this is occurring while the French left is striking. The nations largest union (CGT) has opted to openly confront the government at a moment of maximum pressure.

This is Hollande’s best hour. His leadership will determine the future of France.

With changes due to France’s socialist labor laws, organized labor has struck; openly revolting, threatening mass industrial unrest with blockade of national oil refineries and railways. A national strike has been called for June 14. Hollande has yet to respond.

The issue of modest reforms that are designated to unwind massive urban unemployment is badly needed. Rigid collective bargaining agreements have turned France nearly socialist; and at at time when its national government is besieged by Islamists determined to terrorize France.

As of this writing, he’s very poorly placed for any showdown with public approval ratings barely 10%, and 24 hour news cycles unmoored from any cogent consensus of national agenda, Hollande may be permanently crippled.

If French leadership is determined to wade through this crisis, French citizens need to know what is at stake. Finding policy measures to assimilate French Islamists is desperately needed.

My monies on liberty, equality, & fraternity. “Ecrasez  L’infame


Originally posted on William Holland’s website.

William Holland a geopolitical analyst & North American recruiter for Wikistrat, specializing in monitoring the nuclear posture of the Indian-Pakistani rivalry.


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