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Affluent Christian Investor | October 22, 2017

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Media Goes Nuts Over Trump Transition


The media is going nuts over President-elect Trump and his transition. It seems as if nothing is going right for the elitists who like to tell us what to think. That’s good news for America! It comes on the heels of what I believe was God’s divine intervention for America with last week’s election. We must give glory where it’s due and it belongs to God.

Earlier this week I was on a National Security call with key members inside the Trump team. They assured me that the process is going more smoothly than the media is claiming. They are getting the support and decisions they need and the decisions are good.

This is the view from The New York Times:

Trump’s Wild Ride With the Press as Transition Turmoil Continues

Rather than delve into the falsehoods and attacks, let me just restate that things seem to be going pretty well. There’s no doubt that the media is attacking with a vengeance in a desperate attempt to cause disarray and keep out good people who could make a real difference. They want the President-elect to put the same old establishment back into power. So far, the media seems to be failing.

One perfect example of how the media is attempting to sabotage good people happened the other day with my friend and true patriot Clare Lopez. Huffington Post went after her aggressively but I am hopeful it will be to no avail.

Trump Reportedly Considering Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist For Deputy National Security Adviser

WOW! How could they be both so right and so wrong at the same time? If you start with a rational worldview, you understand that there are real threats and Islamofascists HAVE attempted to infiltrate the government (and will try to infiltrate the Trump team). To deny this is to bury your head in the sand or to assume that our enemies are totally inept (which is ridiculous).

Another friend, Dr. Tawfik Hamid (Muslim by faith) agrees. He wrote in Newsmax today:

Stop ‘Islamophilia’ to End Islamophobia

I contacted Clare upon seeing and she just laughed. She has not been contacted for a job (yet) but would be fantastic in any position. But the crazed Huffington Post, which should be against Islamofascism as it opposes any sense of liberal values, demonstrates the incredible hypocrisy of the left.

Recent news contained one piece that was really great. We are told that the demotion of Chris Christie and replacement by VP-elect Pence is evidence of “turmoil.” We see it as part of the effort to oust lobbyists and drain the swamp.

Personally significant is the apparent ouster of Mike Rogers from the National Security team. I encountered Congressman Rogers when he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and I was warning Congress about the risks of economic warfare. He and his staff appeared dismissive, almost unwilling to listen. This was a notable and serious departure from the reception received at the Pentagon including by ONA, DARPA, DIA, and SOLIC. It would have been one thing had he or even his staff bothered to hear me out and then decided there wasn’t a problem. But that was not the case at all.

Mike Rogers was also dismissive of questions about Huma Abedin raised by Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Thomas Rooney, Lynn Westmoreland and others in a letter to the State Department IG. Wikileaks and Anthony Weiner’s laptop have no doubt since justified their concerns. Mike Rogers’ dismissiveness of  our concerns made America weaker, not safer.

Perhaps even more important and encouraging was the announcement in The Wall Street Journal that our friend Frank Gaffney will be joining the transition effort just as Rogers departs.

Pence Takes Reins as Trump Transition Team Is Shuffled

We see this as extremely good news. Frank is a great friend. In fact, he interviewed me the day after the election to find out what I thought needed to be done when Donald Trump became President. I joined some true luminaries on his program that day.

Secure Freedom Radio: What President Trump Means for National Security

In addition to Frank Gaffney, Clare Lopez and their possible role with advising President-elect Trump, I have been privileged to know, work with, or advise at one point, other great people working with the Trump team like Lt. General Mike Flynn and Dr. Peter Navarro. I know them to be brilliant people with a true love for America and deep insight into the national security risks and economic issues we face. My effort has to bring these issues together for consideration.

I was earlier this week privileged to be in DC advising a group of powerful conservatives on what the Trump team needs to do in the first 100 days. I was also able to connect individually with several key members of the transition team. To date, I’ve received nine calls from VIPs I truly respect either asking for my support or volunteering to support me in remaining involved in some way with the new Administration.

It was around eight years ago that our team first began the process of awakening America regarding the very real threat of Economic Warfare. It seems that the dark of night may have finally come to an end. And joy comes with the morning!


Originally published on Global Economic Warfare.


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