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Affluent Christian Investor | October 21, 2017

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A Cause That Energizes

(Photo by Steven Depolo) (CC BY) (Resized/Copped)

There are so many needs in the world.  We see them everywhere and can’t address them all.

If you are really compassionate, it can be overwhelming.  It may bother you to see all of the unmet needs.

How do you respond to the needs you see?  Do you take what resources you have and try to do a little with each one, so you can help a lot of them?  Do you focus in just a few areas?  Or do you have one or two needs that are a burden, and you go deep to do something about it?

We are each motivated to pursue different causes God cares about.  For example, God doesn’t call us all to make our main focus serving the needy, but He calls each of us to some cause.  A heart of generosity is best formed by God through desire that He places there.  Do you know what that main cause is for you?

What Is Your Primary Cause?

In my Halftime coaching—working with those committed to pursuing God’s purpose for their lives—I help people uncover their passion.  Your passion likely reflects the cause God is motivating you to pour your heart into.  As we say at Halftime, “Passion is the fuel of life.  It is a great source of energy and drive. . . . For many people their passions have been buried under mounds of performance expectations, demands, responsibilities, temptations and activities.”

If you don’t know your passion, how can you find it?  Stop and consider–what issue, cause or need makes you mad, glad, or sad?  Ask your spouse or anyone that knows you well, and they can probably tell you what you are passionate about.  They hear you talk about it all the time.

My wife sometimes reminds me of my passions.  She says I talk about them, ad nauseam.  Okay, she’s right.  I can’t help it.

What are your passions?

At Halftime, we frequently use this approach to help people identify their passions.  It is a four step process:

STEP 1 – Recognize there are thousands of legitimate needs you could identify.

STEP 2 – Of the thousands of needs you recognize, there are certain needs you are more concerned about than others.

STEP 3 – There are even fewer needs that not only concern you, but also burden you. This could be as many as five to seven.  What are they?

STEP 4 – What one or two burdens move you deeply?  You see the need when others don’t.  This burden(s) is always there, haunting you all the time.  If you had the ability to wave a magic wand and this went away, it would make you exuberant.  What is it?

It is a sifting process, getting down to that one thing you were looking for.

As I found with those I coach, the greatest challenge may be distinguishing between your handful of burdens and your one or two passions.  But it is important to discover that one (or maybe two) thing(s).  You can have more impact and experience more fulfillment by concentrating where you will be most generous.

Focus On Your Cause

We each have things we care most about, and shouldn’t feel bad or guilty if we don’t care as much about other things.  God has given someone the passion to take care of other needs/causes.

Focusing your generosity on what you are passionate about makes it easier to stay committed, as the desire to do something is very strong.  For your primary cause or need, giving money is an option, but what else?  How can you give your time and talents to have the greatest impact?  And could you give your:

  • influence,
  • ideas,
  • connections,
  • hospitality, or
  • use of your possessions?

You are open to needs you see around you and are willing to respond to those needs.  But what is your primary focus?  What tugs at your heart the most?  Giving to that cause will energize you.

What Is God’s Purpose For Your Life?

My greatest passion is to help others know and engage in God’s purpose for their lives.  Do you know yours, and are you engaged in doing it?

People come to me for coaching that are not satisfied with life.  They know they are blessed and are thankful, but sense there is something more and don’t know what that is.

It is very fulfilling to help someone uncover their greatest God-given burden, then how to use their unique design to do something about that burden.  They want to make a difference and know God is using them.  They want to feel God’s pleasure as they experience thriving generosity by doing something important for God.  They give from who they are, and others are blessed as God uses them.

To God be the glory!

Need More Help Identifying Your Cause That Energizes?

It can be very helpful to see a list of possible causes, to serve as a memory jogger as you identify your primary cause.  If you would like to have a list of causes to assist in identifying your top five to seven, email me at


“Give me a person who says, ’This one thing I do,’ and not, “These fifty things I dabble in.’ “

-Dwight L. Moody




Originally published on Whole Life Generosity.


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