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Affluent Christian Investor | September 19, 2017

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Jimmy Buffet is Not Jesus Christ, And the Gospel Is Not Escapism

American Musician Jimmy Buffett.

“I sell escapism.”

-Jimmy Buffet

I just returned from our annual family vacation trip to the beach.  We had a great time of fun, sun and sand.  We completely disengaged from our normal set of activities and indulged in board games, fiction novels, and a few Jimmy Buffett songs.  We escaped briefly from the routine of life that keeps us occupied the other fifty-plus weeks of the year.

At its core, escapism is defined as the avoidance of reality. The same could be said about vacations.  Vacations are great, but most of us don’t live on vacation – we go on vacation.  The avoidance of reality ends when we pull back into our driveways.  We live in the real world where being present is necessary, and escapism can get you fired.

Speaking of Jimmy Buffett, he’s done a great job at selling escapism.  So much so that his estimated annual income is somewhere north of $35 million.  He sells escapism through Margaritaville, an LLC based in Orlando, Florida (although it’s been said to be located in the tropics somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southeast of Disorder), that merchandises all-things-Buffett.  Here escapism is marketed through vacation clubs, casinos, resorts, music, clothing, etc., generating hundreds of millions of dollars yearly for the brand.  Not bad for a popular musician who’s last hit song came in 2003.

Jesus came to earth to offer peace, not escapism.  He told His followers, ” Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you.” He said we could have this peace even when we weren’t on vacation – during the rest of the year where we experience the troubles of this world – because, as Jesus stated, ” I have overcome the world.

Jimmy Buffett will sell you escapism, but Jesus Christ can give you peace – true, lasting peace.  A peace that is free to all who believe.  Escapism runs from reality.  The peace of Christ equips us for reality.  Escapism is about turning upthe music.  God’s peace is about facing the music…with the Creator of the Universe by your side.



Originally published on Weekly Winning Thought.

Bill Edmonds is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant who works with leaders and organizations in the areas of personal and organizational development to help them reach their full potential. He spent 24 years with Merrill Lynch as a Director and Market Executive. For more information as to how his firm can serve you, or to book him to speak to your group, visit: Northstar Leadership Solutions


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