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Affluent Christian Investor | October 21, 2017

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Are You Bringing the Truth to Bear on Your Calling?

19th century map of Issakar and Zebulon.

My recent post was about ‘understanding the times.’

In the post I noted… just as the sons of Issachar were able to understand their times, so must we understand our own.

I also made the point that understanding the times does not come from poring over prophecy charts… but realizing that cultures fall apart when men suppress the truth in unrighteousness… just as it says in Romans 1.

Reader Jerry Bower zipped me an email to expound on this.

He writes:

“I hate that the Issachar thing has been hijacked by sloppy prophecy speculators… Issachar was a Torah study tribe. Zebulon was a commercial tribe. They were in a symbiotic relationship as Moses’ blessing in Dt. 33 makes clear. Understanding the times comes from overlap of scripture study and marketplace participation.”

What a great point!

And it got me thinking…

So often we treat truth like a technician would in a sterile laboratory… in isolation from the real world.

And when we find the truth, we take a certain pride and self-satisfaction that we have it.

… But that’s not what the truth is for!

Truth is not a trophy that we’ve earned and display on our shelf.

Truth is a gift to be applied.


In the grit and grime of the world as it is.

And your focus is to discover where the truth intersects your calling, and apply it there.

As you do, you do more than just understand the problem of our times.

You understand and help create solutions our times need.

Of course, there will always be those who would rather speculate about prophecy.

But it’s those who take responsibility… and bring the truth to bear on their callings… that uncover the kind of understanding we really need today.



Originally published on Made For Dominion.

David Bostrom is author of the book ‘Get Dominion.”, an ordained minister and a freelance writer. For more information about him and his work, visit


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