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Affluent Christian Investor | October 21, 2017

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The Next 25 years, a Million-fold Tech Increase?

Thanks for being patient while I took a break and spent some time reflecting. Thanks to those of you who sent kind notes telling me how much I’ve helped them, and what’s on their minds.

My daughter is married now. (Beautiful experience!) We’re celebrating 30 years of marriage this week. I’ve almost completed my third read-through of the Bible this year. It’s a time to reflect. It feels *right* to reflect and consider both the past and where we’re going.

It’s been almost 25 years since we moved to Iowa and I started working at Pioneer. In that time I’ve held multiple positions in our evolving business, influencing thousands of people in person (and over 2.2 million via my writing and teaching). I’ve published 15 books. Giving all credit to my beloved Cathy, we’ve raised 2 lovely children into terrific adults who are both about to launch their own families. We’ve lived in 2 apartments and 3 houses. I’ve had 16 different computers at home and 19 at work (not counting mobile phones). I’ve traveled in 35 countries (but remain fluent only in English). I’ve remained sober and haven’t punched anyone in anger, in contrast to some earlier years. We arrived in Iowa without much cash and now have savings and investments so that we do not fear retirement but look forward to helping others without need for paid employment. The hurts and regrets of the last 25 years are dwarfed by the blessings and good memories and acquired wisdom.

If you had told me in 1993 all that would happen in the next 25 years I probably would have considered it a fantasy.

Consider your last 25 years. I’m sure you have a long list, too.

It’s been well-said that about age 50 people think less about their career and more about their legacy. People, family, institutions, inheritance – things which outlive you.

I encourage you to turn the question around: What can you accomplish in the *next* 25 years?

Technology advances are going to be a factor in what we’ll be able to accomplish. The exponential technologies (computing, AI, robotics, sensors, gene editing, nanotech, 3D printing, etc) are effectively doubling the bleeding edge of technical capability every year. 20 doubles means more than 1 million fold increase. 25 doubles is 33 million. Yes, those tech advances won’t be evenly distributed. But even 10,000x more sophisticated technology takes us beyond where most people could imagine.

Medical advances make it more likely that even those of us in the 50’s and 60’s could live into our 90’s. Demographers and actuaries calculate that the median age of death for children born in developed countries in 2017 will be 93, which means many people living to 120.

I’m giving it serious thought: What, by hard work and the grace of God, can I accomplish in the next 25 years?

And then, God willing, we’ll plan for the 25 years after that!



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Glenn Brooke delights to help people master the complex craft of leadership using the ancient principles of apprenticeship. He’s the author of Leadership Craft, A Leader Thinks Aloud, and other books. You can connect with Glenn at


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