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Affluent Christian Investor | October 21, 2017

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What Someone Holding Public Office Ought to Look Like

I don’t normally hold people up as examples to follow anymore. At least if they’re still living. If they’re dead, they can’t disappoint you.

But if they’re still alive, I’m wary, because these days there’s a good chance they’ll put you to shame… and make you wish you never put them forth as an example to follow in the first place!

But I’m going to go out on a limb…

And I’m going to recommend Judge Roy Moore as someone that anybody holding public office ought to follow as an example.

Years ago, you may recall, Judge Moore became known as the ‘Ten Commandments Judge.’

Well now he’s in the news again… since he’s almost certain to become the next Senator of Alabama.

And I’m glad for it… because I think he’s what someone holding public office ought to look like.

For several reasons…

For one, he realizes that law and liberty come from God and the Bible. That’s his foundation.

Also, he believes the U.S. Constitution ought to be followed. How about that!

And, he’s shown he has the character to keep his oath of office… because he fears God more than men.

Funny thing about that is… there are plenty of politicians who are afraid of Judge Moore… because they’ve built their careers fearing men more than God!

Judge Moore is the closest thing I’ve seen to what God intends for someone holding high public office in a long time.

He doesn’t view civil government as a savior, but a servant with a very limited role, and that’s primarily as a ‘minister of justice’ given the duty to promote good and punish evil according to God’s Word (Rom. 13).

Praise God that the views that got Judge Moore elected in his primary contest are not extinct.

And may he be an inspiration to others who hold public office… or are considering serving there.

We need more like Judge Moore.



Originally published on Made For Dominion.

David Bostrom is author of the book ‘Get Dominion.”, an ordained minister and a freelance writer. For more information about him and his work, visit


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