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Affluent Christian Investor | August 20, 2017

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

David L. Bahnsen, CFP®, CIMA® is the founder, Managing Director, and Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group, a private wealth management boutique based in Newport Beach, managing over $1 billion in client assets. David has been named as one of Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Advisors as well as On Wall Street’s Top 40 Advisors Under 40 and Financial Times Top 300 Advisors in America. He brought The Bahnsen Group independent through the elite boutique fiduciary, HighTower Advisors, in April 2015 after eight years as a Chairman's Club Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and seven years as a First Vice President at UBS Financial Services. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and Fox Business and is a regular contributor to Forbes. David serves on the Board of Directors for the National Review Institute and the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and is a founding Trustee for Pacifica Christian High School of Orange County. David's true passions include anything related to USC football, the financial markets, politics, and his house in the desert. His ultimate passions are his lovely wife of 15+ years, Joleen, their gorgeous and brilliant children, sons Mitchell and Graham, and daughter Sadie, and the life they’ve created together in Newport Beach, California.

Posts By David Bahnsen

October 31, 2016 |

Profit Growth Returns

We dig much deeper into earnings season this week and wow has this been a unique quarter.  Results are all over the map with many companies reporting stellar results and others falling quite flat.  This “high dispersion” is the … Read More

October 27, 2016 |

Five Things Investors Should Think About with a Hillary Clinton Presidency

While various mathematical outcomes are all still on the table in the House of Representatives, and the final majority count in the Senate is a toss-up, the smart money further suggests that a GOP-led House is also the most … Read More

October 25, 2016 |

Learnings, Earnings, and Yearnings

There are a lot of charts this week and various illustrations that I think will make this a really read-able and really informative edition of Dividend Café. We want to share with you some of the things we have … Read More

October 18, 2016 |

Earnings Trump Politics

Without so much as a nap in between, I returned from NYC last Sunday and re-entered office life bright and early Monday.  From the developments in the Presidential race to the somewhat volatile market to the onset of Q3 earnings … Read More

October 5, 2016 |

The Real Tragedy of Last Night’s VP Debate

Don’t get me wrong, Mike Pence wiped the floor with Tim Kaine last night. Kaine looked slimy, acted rude, and defaulted time and time again to stock, cookie-cutter, pre-packaged lines that were either overdone (Trump likes Putin), or were … Read More

September 15, 2016 |

Hillary’s Health

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOATHE conspiracy theories, and completely oppose any attempt to criticize political candidates whose policies and even personal character I find contemptible for any reasons other than what we DO know about them. I … Read More

September 6, 2016 |

Markets and College Football: A Time For Serious Focus

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

Okay, I’m not actually going to be talking about college football, though as I am sure all of you know, the season is upon us. =) This time, we are going to talk markets, … Read More

August 29, 2016 |

Growth and Debt and Everything in Between

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

We will close out the second trimester of the year this week. As of last Friday, markets had a small upside for the month of August. We appear set to complete the sixth consecutive … Read More

August 23, 2016 |

Bulls, Bears, and The Bahamas

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

Greetings from the deep seas of the Caribbean where I am with my kids celebrating the near-end of their summer. This little annual family vacation is a real blessing, but the WiFi bill I … Read More

August 15, 2016 |

Rio, Rubio, and Your Portfolio

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

I could practically skip this week’s market commentary to talk about Michael Phelps. That is how much I have enjoyed watching this first week of the Olympics and particularly the incredible story of this simply … Read More

August 12, 2016 |

What Michael Phelps Teaches Us About Absolute Return Investing

It’s just a picture, and one of many that this first week of Olympic action has created. There has been no shortage of photo-ready moments between the U.S. women’s gymnastics dominance, the collection of swimming medals, and so many other … Read More

August 8, 2016 |

A Gold Medal for Disciplined Investing

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

We entered the month of August having enjoyed a great year so far in our equity and fixed income results, mixed results across various alternatives, and a lot of unknowns in big-picture macro affairs. No … Read More

August 3, 2016 |

Three Categories of Trump Voters

It’s crunch time, my friends. The conventions are over. The Republicans have finished their four days of lambasting free trade and traditional social values, and the Democrats have finished their four days of quoting the Declaration of Independence and the … Read More

July 22, 2016 |

Republicans Go All Bernie Sanders in New Platform

Look, I get the politics of it, and I am not even sure I disagree with the reasoning, but there are a few things that need to be said about the new GOP platform and its claim to support to … Read More

July 21, 2016 |

If Trump Is Such A Great Dealmaker, Why Did He Let Cruz Give That Speech?

The hysterics of the last 12 hours have been a low moment for observers of the punditry class, where new lows in quality commentary and intelligent observation have been set by various paid consultants and television talking heads (oh, and … Read More

June 30, 2016 |

Not Out of the Woods – Brexit Part 2 and What it Means to You

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

(Listen to this Dividend Café podcast at this SoundCloud link or this iTunes link).

As all of you are likely aware by now, the citizens of Great Britain shocked the world last Thursday by voting … Read More

June 27, 2016 |

Urgent BREXIT Edition Amongst the Market Chaos

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

We decided to ditch the normal format of Dividend Café this week because of the extraordinary news of BREXIT winning. This is an issue all clients ought to read, and we are dedicating these paragraphs … Read More

June 21, 2016 |

Bookies vs. Pollsters and Your Portfolio

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

Market volatility is back, to some degree, though we are a ways away from it feeling like it did in January.If anything, the volatility we have seen these past couple weeks has been remarkably … Read More

June 13, 2016 |

Fedexit, Forget Brexit

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

This was a really fun weekly edition of the Dividend Café to write. There are a lot of charts which we hope makes it easier to read and the major points we are making easier … Read More

June 8, 2016 |

From May to June and Not a Moment Too Soon

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

It was a short week in the market but we saw May end at basically a completely and totally flat level (in the Dow; the S&P was up a bit), and for the first calendar … Read More

June 3, 2016 |

One Man’s Brexit Is Another Man’s Prosperity

Last week I participated in a lively debate sponsored by the British American Business Council, OC Forum, and World Affairs Council regarding the potential British exit from the European Union. The vote on this controversial referendum comes June 23, with … Read More

May 30, 2016 |

The Economy, Fed, and You

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

At press time, here we are up 330 points on the week in the Dow, and maybe, just maybe, we will see markets end the month of May next Tuesday slightly positive for the month. We … Read More

May 26, 2016 |

The Fed Comes Right Back into Your Life

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

As quickly as the central banks of the world said, “You better buy risk assets because we are going to coddle markets until the cows come home,” last week our own Federal Reserve’s commitment to … Read More

May 25, 2016 |

A Letter to Mrs. Clinton on the Housing Bubble Her Husband Helped Blow

Dear Mrs. Clinton –

Your husband pursued an aggressive recalibration of goals and social objectives in housing policy with his Department of Housing and Urban Development, and personally said:

“Our home ownership strategy will not cost the taxpayers one extra … Read More

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