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Affluent Christian Investor | October 23, 2017

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AboutDaniel McLaughlin, Author at Affluent Christian Investor

Daniel McLaughlin

Daniel McLaughlin

Daniel J. McLaughlin is the author of "Compassion and Truth-Why Good Intentions Don't Equal Good Results." Formerly a finance executive, he is now focused primarily on writing on economics, business, and politics. You can find him at

Posts By Daniel McLaughlin

October 18, 2017 |

One Economic Reality, But Many Opinions About Economic Reality

If you drive a car very fast into a sharp curve in the road, you may really want to keep the vehicle under control. You may sincerely believe that you can, but that is determined by the condition of the … Read More

October 12, 2017 |

Health Care Industry is Sick: Treat Causes, Not Just Symptoms

Appendicitis causes pain, fever, and vomiting. Taking medicines to ease the symptoms might provide temporary relief, but without addressing the cause, serious complications or even death will occur. To cure the disease, you must first know what it is … Read More

October 2, 2017 |

Why is Science So Often Wrong?

Science is the search for truth, and the method is the progressive elimination of possible answers to questions by proving them false. The underlying assumption of all science is that all effects have a cause. The force of gravity, for … Read More

September 22, 2017 |

The Not-Surprising Trump Speech

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump’s speech before the United Nations was perfectly in line with what people have come to expect from him, of the image he has fostered, and of the rhetoric he uses. In many … Read More

September 18, 2017 |

Plan For the Future But Live Now

Hurricanes, forest fires, and other disasters demonstrate just how quickly new reality can alter the prospects for entire regions. It doesn’t happen only during major disasters, though. In the course of a few hours, everything a family owns can … Read More

September 7, 2017 |

Look at Hurricane Response to See the Real America

There have been so many negative, divisive events clogging the news in recent months that it can distort the way we look at ourselves. It is sad that the focus of America has been on tiny fringe groups of radical … Read More

August 30, 2017 |

When Central Planning Works

A significant swath of people believe that central planning by a government body is necessary for at least some economic activity. They can point to the rapid, massive buildup of the American war machines for both world wars and their … Read More

August 28, 2017 |

Left Fascism Versus Left Socialism

Fascists and socialists are quite different. Leftists of the fascist or Nazi variety had concentration camps and the Holocaust, whereas leftists of the socialist variety had gulags, mass extermination of villages, and state-sponsored mass-starvation of millions. See the difference? The … Read More

August 25, 2017 |

Logical Consistency for Pro-Choice Stand

The pro-choice movement has revolved around the abortion issue for decades. The question asked is whether a woman should control her own body, to be allowed to make her own choice as far as continuing a pregnancy or ending it. … Read More

August 14, 2017 |

Fight Evil, But Don’t Forget It’s a Wonderful World

Music can be incredibly therapeutic, not only when you listen to it, but even more so when you make it. Singing in the shower can be a great release, but actually preparing songs and performing for an audience adds … Read More

August 4, 2017 |

Better Deal Equals Empty Rhetoric

Senator Chuck Schumer had a recent op-ed in the Progressive Liberal Democratic echo chamber called the New York Times. He seems to be asserting himself as the new voice of the Democratic party, with bold pronouncements of all of the … Read More

August 2, 2017 |

Economics in One Page

“What makes it [economics] most fascinating is that its fundamental principles are so simple that they can be written on one page, that anyone can understand them, and yet very few do.” Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman made that profound … Read More

August 1, 2017 |

Big Government Fundamentalists

The term “fundamentalist” is typically used as a pejorative, as someone who adheres to fundamental dogma, regardless of other possible interpretations or evidence to the contrary. Market fundamentalist is a term that has gotten a lot of play over the … Read More

July 14, 2017 |

Good Inequality, Not Bad Inequality

Inequality of results is often viewed as a bad thing, as though the good fortune of one comes only at the expense of others. It is the “fixed pie” or win/lose concept of society. Under this type of thinking, … Read More

July 11, 2017 |

If Keynesianism Worked, The Great Depression Would Have Been a Short Depression

During the years of the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes formalized what he called his General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Capital, which heavily influenced politics of the time and the development of economics in subsequent decades. He is often … Read More

June 29, 2017 |

What Goes Wrong When We Split the Bill Evenly

A long time ago, I used to go to lunch periodically with a bunch of coworkers. Some would say “Let’s make it easy and divide up the bill evenly.” That was back in ancient times before restaurant technology could easily … Read More

June 23, 2017 |

There’s More Than One Way to Win the Life and Career Marathon

A marathon usually starts with the competitors lined up at the starting line, and the rules of the game indicate that the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first, more than twenty-six miles away. Marathons usually … Read More

June 22, 2017 |

Affordable Care Fairy Dust

I just got notice that the cost of our health insurance is going up almost fourteen percent for the year. To give some perspective, if you accept the official figures, the consumer inflation rate is 1.9%. The increase in … Read More

June 15, 2017 |

The Irony of the Common Good

Confusion is frequently created by conflating two different senses of an idea under the same name, with “common good” as an example. Acting unselfishly, as in helping your neighbor or helping clean a park, is often seen as acting … Read More

June 6, 2017 |

Optimistic Outlook with Limiting Factors

People do things for a purpose. They go to work, they clean their houses, and cook meals for a reason. For every action that we consciously take, we have some purpose in mind, and we use some means to … Read More

May 9, 2017 |

Truth Doesn’t Change with Time

An idea is true when it is an accurate reflection of reality. Like the parable of the blind men and the elephant, our views of it may represent only a small part of the whole truth. The man who … Read More

April 18, 2017 |

“Free Tuition” Just Means More Taxes

There is no such thing as a free lunch. I learned it as the acronym TINSTAAFL. It is, of course, true. If your friend buys your lunch, it may be free for you, but your friend ends up paying for … Read More

April 11, 2017 |

Willful Ignorance in Wage Gap Discussion

With the official “Equal Pay Day” behind us, we have heard over and over that woman workers in America earn significantly less than men do. So much of the discussion embraces a willful ignorance of important facts and principles that … Read More

April 7, 2017 |

Central Planners of Silicon Valley

It may seem strange, but there are people in Silicon Valley who have significant characteristics in common with Soviet dictators of the last century. Of course they don’t seem to have the tendency toward brutal repression and violence, but what … Read More

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