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Affluent Christian Investor | August 19, 2017

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Frank Vernuccio

Frank Vernuccio

Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government (website He is the co-host of the syndicated radio program, Vernuccio/Novak Report, and is also a contributor to Fox News. His columns appear in many newspapers. After graduating Hofstra Law School, he was a legislative editor for a major publishing company, then served in both Republican and Democrat Administrations. Following the 9/11 attack, he was appointed to run the hard-hit Manhattan branch of the New York State Workers Compensation Board.

Posts By Frank Vernuccio

September 30, 2016 |

A Financial Explanation for President Obama’s Foreign Policy

Is there a financial explanation for President Obama’s national security and foreign policy choices? It is difficult to put a positive spin or find a logical explanation for the current Administrations’ actions and attitudes towards the growing threats facing the … Read More

September 29, 2016 |

Major Media Abandons Ethics

In analyzing presidential campaigns, a review of the quality of media reporting is vital. It’s the only practical avenue the public has to learn of the character and positions each candidate offers.

For several decades, the voters have been … Read More

September 28, 2016 |

Iran’s Growing Missile Threat

Tehran’s progress in missile technology points to the regime growing from a regional power to a major international threat.

Iran’s missile technology advances, despite international sanctions. The Washington Free Beacon  reports that “Iranian officials [have] announced… that the country is … Read More

September 27, 2016 |

Latest Information on the U.S. Employment Crisis

Despite desperate efforts to portray the economy as stable, the latest economic reports and statistics outline an ongoing crisis.

The recent indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that from January 2013 through December 2015, there were 3.2 million … Read More

September 26, 2016 |

The Debates: Who Should Be Included?

The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will take place on Monday, September 26, at Hofstra University in the suburban community of Hempstead, New York. Two third party candidates, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein … Read More

September 23, 2016 |

Clinton Immigration Plan Will Duplicate European Rape Crisis

The Associated Press reports that:

“it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September. State Department totals show that 2,340 Syrian refugees … Read More

September 21, 2016 |

Clinton, Trump Offer Contrasting Tax Policies

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have released the outlines of their tax proposals. The general thrust of their policy choices reflects the underlying core beliefs of their supporters. Republicans believe that a vibrant private sector is the key to … Read More

September 20, 2016 |

IRS Continues Illegal Action

In a decision largely ignored by many major media sources, A federal agency violated the Constitution, was unlawfully used for partisan purposes, and refused to comply with a court order to cease and desist in its illegal actions. That’s the … Read More

September 19, 2016 |

Soros Funded Vote Fraud Evidence Expands

Further evidence of the potential impact voter fraud will have on the 2016 presidential election came to light recently.

A leaked memo from left-wing George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, (OSF) reported in the Daily Caller indicates how the group’s support … Read More

September 15, 2016 |

Russia Arms Central America… Again

A “Reverse watershed” may be in the making in Central America.

In the late 1980’s President Ronald Reagan successfully demanded that the Soviet Union cancel plans to place advanced military equipment in Nicaragua. His stance against Russian advances in Central … Read More

September 9, 2016 |

Islamic Forced Marriage a Growing U.S. Problem

An EMS worker in Bronx, New York recently informed the New York Analysis of Policy & Government that he had been driving his ambulance to the scene of suicide attempts by young women in neighborhoods with recent Moslem immigrants, … Read More

September 7, 2016 |

U.S. Loses High Tech Edge; China Moves Forward

It has long been a tenet of faith that both America’s economy and its national security depend to a significant extent on superiority in science and technology.

Increasingly, however, the U.S. is losing its leadership in the areas so crucial to … Read More

September 6, 2016 |

Feds Take in Record Revenue; Clinton Wants Middle Class Tax Hike

The American middle class may be going broke, but their government is bringing in record amounts of cash. Despite that reality, Hillary Clinton continues to call for increased taxes on them.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that tax receipts through July … Read More

September 2, 2016 |

Have Universities Harmed America?

For decades, a college education was a means to enhance earning ability, for those with the aptitude to utilize what they were taught, in a gainful career. But as the “college for all” mantra took hold throughout the American educational … Read More

August 31, 2016 |

Obama’s Strange View of Who the Enemy Is

Has the Obama/Clinton/Kerry Administration been incapable of effectively fighting Islamic extremism because it continues to view it as a lesser threat, when compared to its harsh view of Americans who merely oppose its policies?

In 2014, after ISIS captured Fallujah … Read More

August 26, 2016 |

Clinton Offenses Challenge Media Bias

Journalists are, of course, human, and all humans have their own points of view, and their own biases. But there are times when professional reporters and media executives need to at least partially put aside their personal support and provide … Read More

August 25, 2016 |

Economic Statistics Indicate U.S. Financial Crisis

There should be little doubt that the U.S. economy is in significant trouble. Indeed, objective criteria, as well as spokespersons from both sides of the political spectrum, indicate an economy approaching crisis levels. A survey of views illustrates the … Read More

July 6, 2016 |

FBI Admits Clinton Wrongdoing But Won’t Press Charges

FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton should not be reviewed in terms of its effect on the 2016 campaign. Far more important is its effect on the federal system of justice, and its increasing susceptibility to political … Read More

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