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Affluent Investor | July 29, 2017

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September 5, 2016 |

Big Labor Tries To Eliminate Right-To-Work By Lawsuit

If the judge is on your side, you can win a case despite pathetic arguments. So if the cost of losing is near zero and the possible gain from winning is huge, why not launch a suit and see what … Read More

September 1, 2016 |

“Diversity” on Corporate Boards: One More Thing Feds Should Stay Out Of

Would corporations operate better if their board members were chosen so as to ensure that women and major racial/ethnic groups were all appropriately represented? Many social activists believe so and their thinking has penetrated into the federal regulatory agency … Read More

August 25, 2016 |

Who Will Bail Out Insolvent Union Pension Funds?

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be the next president, but one of the bills he has sponsored, the Keep Our Pension Promises Act (KOPPA) could become law during the next president’s term. That ought to worry anyone who knows … Read More

August 24, 2016 |

How American Higher Education Turned into a False Promise

The Department of Education recently proposed new regulations to punish colleges that attract students with misleading claims. But what if the whole system of higher education in America is guilty of that?

In his latest book, Charles Sykes, a senior … Read More

August 19, 2016 |

The Vote Fraud Problem Is Real And The Fourth Circuit Just Made It Worse

Donald Trump’s recent statement that the upcoming election might be “rigged” set off a firestorm, with many on the left decrying his claim while many of his supporters saying that he was highlighting a serious problem.

I am in neither … Read More

August 17, 2016 |

‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Hat, Racial Harassment?

When I was young, a phrase I heard rather frequently was “Don’t make a federal case out of it.” These days, however, you don’t hear that so often, probably because it’s now ridiculously common and absurdly easy for people … Read More

August 3, 2016 |

Private College Lending Industry is the Answer to the College Bubble

Many people think that because Congress did away with the nominally private Federal Family Education Loan Program (which merely subsidized private lenders, so wasn’t based on market principles) in 2010 and because the Education Department’s Federal Direct Loan Program has … Read More

August 1, 2016 |

Victims Of Education Department’s Unfair Sexual Assault Rules Counterattack With Lawsuits

Administrative law in America is an open invitation to bureaucrats to see how much they can get away with by “interpreting” statutes to expand their power and impose their own will. The Department of Education provides many examples.

One … Read More

July 28, 2016 |

”Liberals” Don’t Care About Liberty, Only Their Obsession With Controlling Others

In the America I grew up in, the “liberals” were content to use government coercion to confiscate people’s money so they could spend it on their panoply of social engineering and vote-buying projects. They got to compel people to “join” … Read More

July 22, 2016 |

Justice Ginsburg Dropped the Mask

Many years ago, journalist Michael Kinsley secured a place in our history when he observed that “a faux pas is when you blurt out the truth in Washington.”

A couple weeks ago, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg committed a … Read More

July 21, 2016 |

FedEx: Not Just Delivering Packages, But Beating Arrogant Federal Prosecutors

The U.S. Department of Justice has put little if any effort into investigating the IRS over its targeting of conservative groups (even single individuals, such as Professor Mary Grabar, for daring to oppose Common Core), but it has the resources … Read More

July 5, 2016 |

Law Professor Demands Repeal Of ‘Outdated’ Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case

The massacre in Orlando has prompted many demands for still more laws intended to prevent deranged killers like Omar Mateen from getting their hands on firearms. It has also occasioned more radical ideas, including the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Read More

July 1, 2016 |

Payday Loans Can Be A Lifeline For The Poor — Meddling Bureaucrats Would Yank It Away

Despite Barack Obama’s Hope and Change promises to fundamentally transform the U.S., there remain a great number of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck (when they have work at all). Occasionally, they find themselves in desperate need of short-term credit … Read More

June 17, 2016 |

Justice Sotomayor’s Very Bad, No Good Idea For Lawyers

On May 16 at an American Law Institute meeting, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor declared that she was in favor of forced labor – at least to the extent of compelling lawyers to do enough pro bono work so that … Read More

June 14, 2016 |

The Nanny State Wants To Grow: Free Lunches For College Students

For “progressives,” the Nanny State never does enough. They always find new social problems and “unmet needs” that, in their view, can only be addressed by further expansion of government. In that vein, we now have a proposal to take … Read More

June 3, 2016 |

The Obama Administration’s Disrespect For The Rule Of Law Hits A New Low

The lawlessness of the Obama administration has been astounding.

Entire books have been written about President Obama’s notion that he should be and is free to do whatever he wants (such as Lawless by Professor David Bernstein, which I wrote … Read More

May 30, 2016 |

You Need 300 Hours Of Training And A License To Shampoo Hair?

Occupational licensure is so damaging to the upward mobility of poor people and does so little to protect the public that even the Obama administration, with its reflexive pro-government inclinations, has criticized it. (See my February 2015 Forbes piece … Read More

May 24, 2016 |

The Dr. Jekyll To Mr. Hyde Transformation Of Title IX

The following language (Title IX) was added to federal law in the Higher Education Amendments of 1972:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or … Read More

May 20, 2016 |

Elitist Politicians Vs. Hard-Working Property Owner

One of the main reasons why America was so attractive to hard-working people used to be that if you were successful, you could enjoy your rewards and use your property as you thought best. Sadly, that is less and … Read More

May 12, 2016 |

Judge Rules Wisconsin’s Right To Work Statute Illegal — Now What?

Just over a year ago, Wisconsin became the 25th state to adopt a “right to work” law, as states are allowed to do under Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. (I wrote about the implications of Wisconsin’s action … Read More

April 29, 2016 |

A Political Attack On Free Speech And Privacy Thwarted — For Now

Most “Progressives” believe that opposition to their plans for a government with the power to create the perfect society is essentially illegitimate. Therefore, they seldom hesitate to use any means they can to delegitimize, defund, and defeat conservatives and … Read More

April 27, 2016 |

The Next Load Of Free Stuff From Washington: Diapers

In case you think there is still any life in the Constitution’s division of and limitations upon the powers of the federal government, consider the prospect of diaper subsidies.

That excellent watchdog over governmental duplicity and lawlessness, Judicial Watch, reports … Read More

April 22, 2016 |

‘Moderate’ Or Not, Judge Garland Would Be A Poor Successor To Justice Scalia

President Barack Obama’s nominee to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland, is said to be a good, reasonable pick because he is a judicial “moderate.” Assuming that there is such a thing as a … Read More

April 15, 2016 |

The Empire Strikes Back: Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Derailed In Oklahoma

The bi-partisan and pan-ideological movement to reform the abusive civil asset forfeiture system has had some signal victories, but has also run into bitter opposition from the groups that like this form of, as Frederic Bastiat put it, legal plunder.

Read More

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