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Affluent Investor | May 28, 2017

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William Holland

William Holland

William Holland a geopolitical analyst & North American recruiter for Wikistrat, specializing in monitoring the nuclear posture of the Indian-Pakistani rivalry.

Posts By William Holland

January 23, 2017 |

Beijing: The Coming Crash

The descent of the yuan is a welcomed harbinger of requisite reform; the kind needed if Beijing is to deliver itself out of the ‘middle income trap’ that has ensnared so many other political economies.  As of this writing, no … Read More

January 20, 2017 |

Africa: Capital Outflows, Crisis & Confidence

There were only a handful of people wise enough to understand the challenge 1973 was to the American regime.  Nixon’s Treasury Secretary was quoted as saying “yeah, its our currency, but its you problem.” Reagan, Milton Friedman, Shultz and … Read More

January 19, 2017 |

India: Bulwark Against China

For the last two years in a row New hi has overcome China.  It is on time to register faster gains in 2017 giving it needed credibility after Modi’s demonetization regime collapsed both GDP and public support.  Every major index … Read More

December 9, 2016 |

Mexico: Worthy of our Best Efforts

When Arnold Toynbee revealed that the criteria for growth was self-determination, he espoused principles deeply resonating with any nation state alloyed to our Judaeo-Christian heritage.  A love of liberty alone remains insufficient as Tocqueville explained throughout the 19th century; … Read More

November 28, 2016 |

Mosul, Madness & Shia Terror Proxies

The gift the Great Satan gave Iran was Obama.  Having sought to burnish liberal principals of disengagement, he opened a westward advance of Iranian ambition from western China to the eastern Mediterranean.  This will not end well.

Mosul is by … Read More

November 17, 2016 |

Allan Meltzer Nails It: The FED & Reform Agenda

Allan Meltzer was there for Margaret Thatcher.  When she was accosted by the entire British establishment for pursuing monetary, fiscal reform she called Allan Meltzer for advice.  He quietly assured her that reform was an absolute priority.  Thatcher calmly moved … Read More

November 7, 2016 |

Failure of Democracy

I know we’re a Constitutional Republic.  The Founders knew the limits and dangers idealism had among the great unwashed, so they numerated the Republican political ideals into a Constitution.  Our founding documents should never be viewed in isolation. One cannot really … Read More

November 3, 2016 |

Financialization of U.S. Economy & An Emerging Ideological Civil War Brewing

It isn’t difficult to discern the dominant trends that have emerged from Obama’s interventionist central bank policies.  The surging debt, fictional (politicized) unemployment rates, currency interventions etc… Everyone familiar with business indices is familiarized with the growth of the top … Read More

November 2, 2016 |

The Pivot to Asia Failed

The pivot to Asia failed. Underwriting it were two distinct features, alliance maintenance and TPP (trans pacific partnership). Both failed. Diplomatically, team Obama’s posture throughout the Pacific resembles Syria in that diplomacy fails when it isn’t backed up by … Read More

October 27, 2016 |

Modi Finds His Footing in Kashmir

The British can safely be blamed for the partitioning of Ireland and India, if not to mention  Israel; but only with New hi did the calculus have overt geo-strategic calculation.  It fell to England’s nemesis Maulana Azad to extrapolate Mountbatten’s … Read More

October 26, 2016 |

Why Aleppo Is Russian Revenge

The west seems hopelessly lost in how our political leadership views expressions of power; in a word realpolitik.  Aleppo is an example of how myopic western strategic vision remains.  This town in Syria is being ruthlessly bombed by Russia.  Why? … Read More

October 25, 2016 |

Churchill & The Irish

My parents immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland. It is typical of smaller nation states that its citizenry have unqualified grasp of their own history. I’ve noticed it in the Balkans, and throughout eastern Europe. The Irish, perhaps better … Read More

October 24, 2016 |

Time for a Supply Side Revolution

Forget covered interest parity, the real debate consuming economics and its role in policy craft is how weak central bank policy instruments remain.  The biggest debate in a generation isn’t over interest rate policy, for monetarists never thought interest rates … Read More

October 18, 2016 |

The Asian Scramble for Africa

My mother attended St. John’s College, Oxford. She had an aunt who joined a Catholic religious order called the Passionists who specialized in education. Her order built St. Joseph’s College in Kgali Botswana. I attended her funeral during the Soweto UprisingRead More

October 13, 2016 |

What the Russian Revolution Teaches About Conflict Between Competing Civilizations

Next year will be the centenary anniversary of the Russian Revolution.  The absolute best study was done by Tibor Szamuely, although one can also place the work of Solzhenitsyn, Robert Conquest and Dominic Lieven as representing the finest scholarly … Read More

October 12, 2016 |

What Iraq Taught The U.S. Military

There are legions of think tanks and armed disciplines like the Marine Corps that possess a fine grasp of the deep abiding cultural, institutional challenges The Long War asks of the American regime.  We haven’t answered THIS challenge.  If we’re going to win, … Read More

October 7, 2016 |

India’s Reagan

India’s ninth prime minister, P.V. Narasimha Rao inherited a nation in total collapse. Little did anyone notice, but India’s embrace of a capitalist ethos would only come after she openly failed at socialism. Identical to Mao’s reversal under Deng, Reagan’s reversal … Read More

September 30, 2016 |

The Real Hunger Games

The U.S. electorate is facing a paradox, its main political parties have outsourced to television networks a political capacity reserved to election commissions, namely the ability to choose candidates for high office.  This is occurring in an age of disruption … Read More

September 26, 2016 |

Spies in the Congo: America’s Atomic Mission in WWII

When Truman unleashed Fat Man & Little Boy over Japan in the hope of compelling capitulation, he knew American strength had reached heights of military might unrivaled in history.  What most American’s don’t know is the history of how those … Read More

September 22, 2016 |

India’s Public Intellectual Central Banker Leaves Parting Warning

Now that they’ve gotten rid of Rajan, India’s former central banker has some parting advice for his fellow economists: be wary of low interest rates and exhausted, depleted institutional capital in an age as threatening as ours.

Modi’s recovery in replacing … Read More

September 19, 2016 |

Egypt: Linchpin for U.S. Foreign Policy in Middle East

It should never have been a question to support Mubarak, instead the Obama administration took the easy way out and backed the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi, enraging regional allies that continued to support both U.S. regional war aims and Israeli … Read More

September 15, 2016 |

Personhood: Moral Axis of Symmetry Between the Collective & Capitalism

My first mentor, the late great Dr. Luke William McCann told me how his tenure at Columbia Universities comparative literature department was riven to engage Russian literature, especially Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. It seems the theological, moral unpinning of Russian … Read More

September 14, 2016 |

The Return of the King: David Ben-Gurion Periphery Doctrine Replaces Corrupt Peace Process

Thomas Carlyle’s overly weaned motif that history is boiled down to great men is in need of revision; for how does one make sense of Israel?

When Irving Kristol arrived in Jerusalem to deliver a lecture titled ‘On the political … Read More

September 12, 2016 |

The Obamacare Coalition is Fractured

When pundits across the nation begin eulogizing Obama’s tenure, we need to remind ourselves how we got here, for 2016 needs to be a year … Read More

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