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Affluent Investor | March 24, 2017

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March 13, 2017 |

Millionaire Migrants: Countries That Rich People Are Flocking To

The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays.

Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy the ultimate flexibility for making financial and lifestyle decisions.

For many of the world’s millionaires, money provides … Read More

March 13, 2017 |

Some Oil In Your Healthcare

Happy Anniversary — really, it is happy.

Eight years ago last Monday the market hit a generational bottom, with the S&P 500 reaching 666 and the Dow hitting 6,470 intra-day. Both of those moments proved to be the low … Read More

March 10, 2017 |

Women In The Board Room: It’s Not Good For Man To Be Alone

International Women’s Day was this week. For Women’s Day, State Street installed the statue of a young woman confronting the iconic charging bull, stressing the importance of gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

The message here is that … Read More

March 10, 2017 |

One Who is Slack in His Work is Brother to One Who Destroys


I recently recorded four short, 20-minute videos for my church that addressed the topics of purpose, creativity, goals and time management, and faith. The church has been showing these in their small groups as part of their time, … Read More

March 10, 2017 |

NASA’s Course Set to Change

A more definite picture of NASA’s future direction is emerging.

Advocates of space exploration were gratified to note the inclusion of space research in the President’s inaugural address (“We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to … Read More

March 10, 2017 |

Chart: How Bitcoin Reached Parity With Gold


The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays.

Would you rather have one bitcoin, or a single ounce of gold?

The answer used to be obvious. … Read More

March 10, 2017 |

How DeVos Can End Campus Rape Accusation Frenzy

Among the great blunders of Jimmy Carter’s presidency was creating a U.S. Department of Education. The federal government has no constitutional role in education and this sprawling bureaucracy has chiefly enabled legions of bureaucrats to impose their misbegotten ideas … Read More

March 9, 2017 |

Open Borders is How Government Changes the People

The Constitution is a way for people to change the government. Open borders are a way for the government to change the people. Changing the people is based on the political objective that, if you don’t like the electorate … Read More

March 9, 2017 |

Trump’s Uber Democracy

Uber is a good way to get around town. But it’s not a good way to govern. Trump is the latest in a long line of Presidents who have been Ubering government.

If you want to experience firsthand how disruption … Read More

March 9, 2017 |

Dealing with Critical Coworkers

Dear Chuck,

I mostly like my job, or at least I don’t mind the work, and I’m grateful for it. But I find that some of my coworkers are really the worst part of my day. They can be … Read More

March 9, 2017 |

The Bible and the Windmill

In 1976, when Ruth and I moved into a village in one of the most backward districts in Madhya Pradesh, families ground their grain by hand mills.

Why did the West invent wind and water mills, but not India? It … Read More

March 9, 2017 |

The Boom of Women Entrepreneurs, in One Map

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over a century – back then, women were still fighting for their right to vote. It is important to remember that much still needs to be achieved. But also that women are making … Read More

March 8, 2017 |

Obama’s Neglect Increased Iran Danger

According to Iran Truth,

Hezbollah is present in ‘no fewer than fifteen metropolitan centers, stretching from New York to Los Angeles,’ according to Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, including: New York, NY; Newark, NJ; … Read More

March 8, 2017 |

The Idol of Randomness Wants to Steal Your Wealth


If you’re reading this post, I assume you have built some wealth and are wondering how to keep it and possibly make it grow. You should know that many people claim you have no right to that wealth … Read More

March 8, 2017 |

China’s Blue Water Ambitions?


China’s northern port city of Dalian is the location for American technological spy-craft to witness Beijing’s Naval ambitions, it is here where Beijing fields her first aircraft carrier launched last month to encircle Taiwan and threaten her neighbors … Read More

March 8, 2017 |

How to Be Ready For a Financial Emergency

Kathryn Vasel at CNNmoney recently stated that 6 out of 10 Americans do NOT have $500 – $1,000 saved in an emergency fund. When faced with a need, she reports that:

20% would put it on a credit card.

Read More

March 7, 2017 |

The Worrying Decline of Freedom Around the World

The 20th century was a bull market for literacy, freedom, prosperity, health, and technology.

As a result of these gains, wealth has increased exponentially, and world poverty is now at all-time lows. Life expectancy continues to improve in most countries, … Read More

March 7, 2017 |

The Pakistan of South America

Like Fallujah, the Americans defeated a brutal indigenous insurgency in El Salvador, with peace accords signed in the early 90’s, the regime and its ideological cohorts in Havana and Moscow were put to rest.  This region experienced the worlds … Read More

March 7, 2017 |

Afghanistan’s Future Imperiled


The list of foreign and defense policy errors over the past eight years is lengthy and serious.  None was so clearly evident as the premature withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, a move which destabilized a nation on … Read More

March 7, 2017 |

My Favorite Quotes for the Dare to Serve Leader

I get asked often to share my favorite leadership quotes – so I thought I’d share some inspiring words for the Dare to Serve leaders working to be a better version of themselves! Here we go:

“Consider others more significant than … Read More

March 7, 2017 |

Do You Struggle With Consistency in Your Personal Daily Devotions?

In this dark world, we need help to see our way. Psalm 119:105 declares that “God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.” Yet many, who claim to know the Lord, do not rely … Read More

March 6, 2017 |

What To Do in a Booming Stock Market

Dear Chuck,

Every time I turn on the news, I hear reports about new record highs in the stock market. I have some stock investment, but wondering if I should go bigger. Is there something I should be doing to take … Read More

March 6, 2017 |

The Gadarene Madman and the Modern World


The texts of Christianity have been slowly at work, under the power of the Holy Spirit for 2000 years now. If we could be magically transported back into the world of two millennia ago, modern Americans would be … Read More

March 6, 2017 |

Free Elections, Freedom of Speech Imperiled

The once-sacrosanct and widely held beliefs in freedom of speech and the acceptance of election results are being challenged as never before in U.S. history.


  • The tone for the current climate was set when numerous Democrat elected … Read More

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