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Affluent Christian Investor | October 23, 2017

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August 10, 2017 |

The Left Gets Star Trek Dead Wrong

In an episode of the original Star Trek series, Mr. Spock observed, “In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see.” Indeed, that’s the case with Leftists when it comes to Star Trek itself.

Liberals love to proclaim that Star Trek’s popularity … Read More

July 6, 2017 |

Is North Korea the Next Big Threat to Your Portfolio?

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

This week’s Dividend Café is as devoted to summarizing and analyzing market action from the first half of 2017 as could be expected, but there are some topical intrusions that warrant attention – namely, this … Read More

March 3, 2017 |

Is Lent a Loser?

I grew up viewing Lent as a loser. No dessert for 40 days? A food desert. That’s how many view Lent, which is why we’re often not very perceptive.

There’s a connection between fasting—what we practice during Lent—and perceiving. … Read More

November 24, 2016 |

10 Ways To Avoid Overspending On Black Friday

According to the Balance, 133.7 million Americans went shopping on Black Friday weekend in 2014 and spent a total of $50.9 billion. Stores count on bringing in at least 30% of their annual sales just between Thanksgiving and Christmas, making … Read More

November 9, 2016 |

Ignoring Due Process And Harm To Students, Obama Minions Kill A College Chain

When the Department of Education was established in 1979, no one would have thought that it was authorized to administer the death penalty to colleges that bureaucrats wanted to get rid of. But that is exactly where we are today.

Read More

July 4, 2016 |

Founding Fathers Advice on Debt

Dear Chuck, 

With the Fourth of July coming up, I’ve been thinking that the Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew the kind of debt America is in. Time magazine recently reported that “Most critics of … Read More

May 12, 2016 |

Jobs Report Confirms Obama Recovery Worst In History

Economist Herbert Stein famously observed, “If something cannot continue, it will stop.” Given other readings on the economy, the rapid growth in jobs that was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for 4Q2015 and 1Q2016 could not continue. … Read More

April 4, 2016 |

Lord Stephen K. Green on Leading & Calling in the Marketplace

Stephen Green joined The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in 1982. In 1998, he was appointed to the Board of HSBC Holdings plc. He became Group Chief Executive in 2003 and Group Chairman 2006. HSBC is one of the … Read More

February 5, 2016 |

Why Iowa Was a Thrashing!

It’s a lot of fun to give people predictions and have them turn out to be correct.


In 2006, before anyone else believed it, I predicted and Rush Limbaugh read my prediction on his show the following morning, … Read More

December 22, 2015 |

What is Money?

At first glance, the concept of “money” seems extremely straightforward.

For example: the cost of a loaf of bread in New York City at a grocery store may be $3.50. We don’t think about it much, and we pull out … Read More

November 11, 2015 |

Japan Officially Gets Leapfrogged by the Four Asian Tigers

Throughout the decades in the 1950s and 1960s, the Japanese economy was envied for its unrelenting growth.

Dubbed the “Post-War Miracle”, this period of time saw Japan become a global center of manufacturing and exports. Japanese brands such as … Read More

May 4, 2015 |

Arizona Governor Ducey Vetoes Gold

This isn’t yet another in a long series of articles lamenting the Federal Reserve, power, politicians, corruption, and the hopelessness of fighting the status quo. What’s the marginal utility of the Nth plus one article reiterating these points? Nearly zero. … Read More

May 1, 2015 |

UN Gold Standard On The Way?

The US dollar’s position as the dominant reserve currency is coming under assault from at least three directions. The UN announced in 2009 plans to mint silver and gold coins to be used in international trade. Socialist economist Joseph Stiglitz, … Read More

April 30, 2015 |

What Happens to the Marketplace When Mortgage Rates Rise?

How would you describe the state of the global economy?

This is one area where there is very little need to do deep analysis. Sometimes bond yields are telling you things are going really, really well. And sometimes bond … Read More

April 29, 2015 |

Why Baltimore Burns

Baltimore is burning and the book most relevant to the tragedy, and to that of Ferguson, MO, Detroit, MI, and many other cities in the US is Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom.

The media will pimp the idea that … Read More

April 28, 2015 |

Is Property Seizure Regulation Just On The Horizon?

It’s spring, and just as the appearance of shoots and buds makes you optimistic that winter is departing, so too are there signs around the country that make you optimistic that our leviathan state is, if not departing, at least … Read More

April 27, 2015 |

Let’s Blame the Savers

Just like in the world of fashion, economic terminologies come in and out of vogue. One such economic term trending recently is Secular Stagnation. First proposed by Keynesian economist Alvin Hansen back in the 1930s, Secular Stagnation was coined to … Read More

April 24, 2015 |

Do Lawyers Cost Too Much?
Make the Bar Exam Optional

The correct answer is false. Instead of ensuring that all legal practitioners are competent, the bar exam (and its long prelude, law school) merely creates an artificial barrier that keeps many people from competing in the market for legal services.

Read More

April 23, 2015 |

Bernanke and the (Economic) Euthanasia of Retirees

Ben Bernanke presided over the Federal Reserve for two terms, from 2006 through 2014. A year and half into his first term, he began driving the Federal Funds Rate down. By the end of his frantic interest episode, this … Read More

April 22, 2015 |

Central Banks as Vestigial Organs

In his early years Hayek anticipated that the monetary theory of trade cycles, now known as the Austrian business-cycle theory (ABCT) would become widely known by business people who would refuse to borrow when the central bank reduced interest … Read More

April 21, 2015 |

Bernanke, Summers & Krugman: Astrology Priests

During the last few weeks, Larry Summers came up repeatedly with speculations that what’s happening today is “secular stagnation,” meaning a lasting diminished “aggregate” demand in the world, in the US in particular.  In contrast, Mr. Bernanke brings up … Read More

April 20, 2015 |

Why I Can’t Be a Liberal: Words Have Meaning

Here’s a short story for those who are tired of how the left abuses language and those who think the Constitution died the day liberals first called it a “living” document:

When he was still a young man, my old … Read More

April 17, 2015 |

“You’re Showering Too Long!” Barks Our Federal Nanny

Comedy wouldn’t be funny if there weren’t a kernel of truth in it. Remember the 1996 Seinfeld episode based on the problem with the new, low-pressure showerheads that couldn’t rinse the shampoo out of Kramer’s hair? That led him to … Read More

April 16, 2015 |

3 Daggers for This Equity Bubble

The recent stock market volatility has caused the major averages to lose nearly all their gains for 2015. However, it is clear stock prices are still extremely overvalued by virtually every metric, especially when viewed in the absence of GDP … Read More

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