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Affluent Christian Investor | December 18, 2018

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Kevin Kerr on The Call, March 2009

For years the notoriety of Kevin Kerr has grown from a small community of loyalists to a global following of investors, industry professionals and sometimes envious analysts. As the word has spread of Kevin’s trade alert services, and their success, Kevin has become one of the most in demand editors, speaker’s, and media personalities, in the industry. His well known book, published by one of the largest financial book publishers in the business, John Wiley and Sons, is considered one of the best resources on how to trade commodities, futures, and options for the new and advanced resources trader alike.

Kevin is in incredible demand by the media as well, as shown by his 15 years of informative and riveting TV appearances on such shows as Cavuto on Fox, Kudlow & Co. on CNBC, The Daily Show on the Comedy Channel, Fox Business News, NBC, ABC, CNN, and many more. Known for his global travel in search of resource opportunities, some refer to him as the Resource Renegade or Expat Trader. Kevin Kerr has had over 25 years of intensive industry and trading experience, not only as a floor trader and broker, but also as an OTC derivatives broker in New York and London.  Kevin is also known to newsletter readers around the World and has been an analyst and trading advisor for publications at prestigious publishers like Weiss Research, Dow Jones Newswire, and Agora Financial, and was a columnist for MarketWatch for over 6 years, just to name a few. Today, he is a truly admired and overwhelmingly successful newsletter writer and acclaimed author. Kevin’s website,, offers visitors his blog and video blog, media page and events schedule, and political and economic commentary.  Kevin has home bases in Eastern Europe, The US, and Asia, and is always on the move.  As the Resource Renegade, Kevin is in high demand.


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