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Affluent Christian Investor | December 4, 2023

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The Country with the Golden Gun (James Where Are You?)

Oh man, wouldn’t this make a great Bond flick?  Let’s lay out the screenplay.

Western nations are awash in debt as the consequences of the welfare state play themselves out.  The European Union establishes a common currency with no political union and the fruits of financial mismanagement threaten to break the economic alliance apart.  Historical hatreds simmering from WW2 and before raise their ugly heads.  The reserve currency the world has used since WW2 is threatened with devaluation as United States spending is uncontrolled and unsustainable.  Previous communist countries buy gold at record rates as their cash reserves from their export capitalism build.  Gold looks to be the lone store of value that world governments can trust.  Countries no longer need to keep gold reserves in Washington as the USD may not be how they balance trade payments in the future.

Germany is the lone financially prudent player in Europe and their gold reserves are significant.  But wait, their gold is in Washington, France, and elsewhere since WW2!

We have to return the gold they say.  But SPECTRE gets wind of the shipments of tons of gold.

How does it end?

Stay tuned.  And buy gold.


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