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Affluent Christian Investor | February 22, 2024

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How to Keep Your Job in Troubled Times

Photo: Danny Johnston

Photo: Danny Johnston

In troubled times, people worry.  If they have jobs, they worry about the pay scale staying where it is. They worry about whether or not they’ll keep those jobs. And many, many people worry about how they will live if the work comes to an end.

Worry.  Now that’s a recipe for health disaster.

The question is: What can be done to prevent it?  And: Is there anything you can do to keep your pay packet intact, or perhaps even expand it? Is there something that can be done to help you keep your job during times of economic trouble?

There is a solution, though not completely foolproof, and I’ll explain why in a bit.  But think about this:

What is it that people are buying when they purchase something?  What causes you to part with money in order to obtain something else?  First of all, you have to want something.  That’s taken for granted.

But when people are ready to buy, they buy value for money.  Now value for money is not a precise science.  It is an internal value judgement by the person who is buying.  When you buy, you want to get value for money – every time.

Do you think your employer is any different?  He, too, wants value for money, and the way you give him value for money is tied up with your personal productivity levels.

Let’s say you work in a typing pool.  Your productivity is the number of words you can type without error in a given period of time.

If you run moulding machines, productivity is the number of moulded products created in a period of time that are defect free.

If your business is a print shop, it would be the number of pages the 5-color printer can print in a period of time.  Turn up the speed please, and charge by the page.

Now you’re a worker.  How do you measure your productivity?  Don’t know?  Then how do you intend to increase your value to your employer?  Get the idea?

In today’s troubled times, value for money is increasingly important.  It’s important to you when you shop, and it ought to be just as important to you as a seller of your labor.

If you don’t know what your productivity levels are, then begin to measure the time it takes you to complete certain tasks.  Then, find creative ways to increase your output in the same amount of time.

Your labor, your skills, your ability to take a business approach to yourself is your real wealth.  Since money follows wealth, then get your wealth factors right, and the money will follow.


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