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Affluent Christian Investor | October 3, 2023

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How to Quickly and Effectively Change Your Business… Overnight

Business Management

Imagine your business is producing significantly more sales at better margins, with happier customers.

Many business owners struggle to change their businesses… for the better, of course. But there really is only one thing necessary to bring about radical change in a business.

It’s called management. But management towards a goal and objective. You cannot effectively manage unless there are goals — targets.

In other words, you might already have management in your business, but still you feel the need to change things up.

To do that, simply change the target. That’s it.  Simple. Change the goal.

But… if you change the goal upward, you must also change the activities that are necessary to achieve that new goal.

In other words, you have to manage. No wishful thinking allowed here. Anyone can do that. Not everyone can manage to a pre-determined outcome.

Occasionally it helps to ask yourself a question or two. Such as, “What’s the difference between an Impala and a Camry?” Or, “What’s the difference between Ford and Nissan?”

The answer is management. It is the various management decisions within the parent companies that bring the different products to market.

And that’s what separates you from your competition and the buying public. Management.

So if you are really serious about change in your business, set a new target upwards and get everyone on board with doing what is necessary to achieve that new goal.

And remember… if you cannot get your staff to “buy in” to the changed goals, then don’t be surprised if they do not come to fruition.


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