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Affluent Christian Investor | September 30, 2023

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Let There Be Darkness

Nothing But Truth

Here’s a link to the video of one of my recent interviews on American Family Radio, Crane Durham’s Nothing But Truth, about fiat money. The inevitable result of treating the government as a divine savior is to give it fiat money power. In the Latin Bible the real God creates by saying “fiat lux” (“let there be light”). Only God can create something from nothing. When a phony god tries to do it, the phony god creates only phony wealth.

Phony money causes confusion, where true money creates clarity. God says, “Let there be light.” The state says, “Let there be darkness and confusion.” The true God looks at a creation which is formless and void and makes it formed and full. The false god looks at a work which is formed and full, and turns into disorder and privation. Socialism cannot create, it can only de-create.


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