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Affluent Christian Investor | December 3, 2023

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Time to Bolt the GOP? Might Be Too Late to Bring it Back


If there is now only one party in Washington then there is no hope of politically saving America from its Ruling Class. The bitter truth is Limbaugh is right. Making things worse the same party also rules everywhere else, in every nook and cranny, city and rural America as well. There is no way humanely to stop the money poison-as God that even with its planned collapse it is the one unified force driving us under the seas of history.

For understanding the phenomenon, as Mr. Limbaugh also likes to say– follow the money. That same money flow has also reached into all but the remotest parts of the world—so where would you go?

Every institution in America—and the world, is corrupted. So where you gonna go? Oh, I know! Leave the human race because all men are sinful and corrupt! Somewhere, at some time you are going to have to stop running and hiding and stand and fight! When, where, and how to fight is up to you—right now. Soon you won’t have a choice. You will be forced to join this or that militia or get squashed in between.

This writer has grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of response over the years since 2010 to join the Republican Party and take it over. It could have been done rather cheaply and quickly. Had Tea Party types joined with long term republican conservatives to replace bad leadership today’s political landscsape would have already been radically changed for the good!

But, no! These purist conservatives were too good to get their hands dirty by joining an organization whose leadership is the antithesis of all they stood for! And who could blame them? Well, just about anybody with the sense to look beneath the surface! Flash in the pan ignorant and lazy, weak, and divided conservatism is what is sinking our ship of state!

Back in 2010 when the so-called Tea Party was in its ascendancy. Then, divided conservatives settled on six primary candidates to defeat the one establishment candidate here in South and Central Virginia. Since then Robert Hurt of Virginia’s Fifth District has done what was expected, made nice conservative noises but sold us out on almost every issue!

This so-called Conservative Movement, Tea Party and otherwise, not so much a movement as scattered forces each fighting skirmishes in all directions lacked leadership to pick one candidate who could have defeated Hurt. Similar leadership, organization, and discipline in other conservative and swing districts across America could have produced similar results.

But by latching on to this single issue cause and that, and a favorite candidate of the moment who some of the disorganized masses seem as a savior in their own narrow and shallow vision of their tiny universe. But the real enemy is, lacking leadership, no one wants to sacrifice, to get his hands dirty.

As Rush also says, follow the money! Potential leaders are mostly making money, riding the sinking ship of Capitalism to the depths. Somehow they think, if they think at all, can somehow cling to the topmasts, their own crows nests, to avoid drowning. But we are all going down to the bottom, there is no escape!

Somehow America will have to suffer destruction in order to be saved! And it won’t be by some phony savior, especially one who is not really all that conservative. In an ideal world, I guess, somehow, the Traitor Class, the back of crony capitalism—that is financing our destruction would be broken, along with all-absorbing government, along with the information sector—media and academe, and along with church and other cultural leadership, even, leaving the rest of us “real people” relatively unscathed.

No, in the real world, and Rush likes to say he is the mayor of Real Ville, millions will likely have to suffer and die because a few thousand did not join the Republican Party and reform it! Could that “cheap” solution still work in 2016? Can pigs fly? Only if the pain of living in now almost Communist America ratchets up to the next level, or the one beyond that… until perhaps those with some decency and vision who are still inside the Traitor Party will join us in jumping ship and starting to fight a real fight to engage in our own Normandy Invasion against Traitor America that has expanded the American Occupation for other 100 years!


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