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Affluent Christian Investor | February 25, 2024

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Why Are Conservatives Afraid to Call Out Anti-White Culture by Name?

Black Bloc Antifa protest in Milan, Italy

Friends, we must take the rise of the alt-right and white nationalism seriously. Alas, it cannot merely be waved away as something so marginal as to pose no future threat. A bit of evidence for that arrived in my email in-box yesterday. The young man writing to me used his name, though I will not reveal it. His note is saddening as well as worrying. Notice that it is well-written and polite. It is not the sort of thing I often get from extremists on the right or left: profanity-laced diatribes filled with vitriol and abuse. Believe me, however, when I say that I would rather get those than something like this. This is worrying. We have to take seriously the reality of alienated young people who are adopting deeply pernicious beliefs–beliefs that are utterly incompatible with our nation’s commitment to “make from many, one” (e pluribus unum). Here is his note to me:


Hi. I saw your comments about the alt-right. I hate to tell you but you and nearly everyone else of your generation misses the mark on the alt-right. I’ll tell you why.

I am part of the alt-right. I’ve never attended a rally but I do sympathize with them. I’m in college, my parents are still married, and both my parents have graduate degrees.

If you honestly think that one more article in the MSM saying the “alt right is racist” is going to change anyone’s mind about anything, you’re pretty naive. People of my generation are tone deaf to the charge of racism.

Like most people of generation, I was raised under extreme political correctness. My K – 12 education (both at public and Catholic schools) was little more than anti-white indoctrination. My first semester in college I had to take a “diversity seminar,” which is one of the most vile things I’ve ever had to experience. The course was taught by an obese Jewish woman who, you could tell, hates whites with every breath she takes. Her co-instructor was a black man who, by his vocabulary and grammatical errors, I’m assuming had an IQ around 85. The entire semester was nothing but a demonization of white people.

Nearly all my white friends my age are at least sympathetic to the alt-right — boys more so than girls, but even many of the girls are coming around, such as one of my friends who was raped by two black athletes at my college but was afraid to report it for fear of being called “racist”. Although my friends may not be attending rallies or openly claim to be part of the alt-right, you better believe they’re regularly browsing alt-right sites.

No, we’re not “white supremacist.” We do not want to lord it over non-whites. Rather, the opposite. We are separatists. I dream of one day living in a white ethnostate. This is my long-term vision. And if I cannot experience it, I hope my children or grandchildren can. Just like the Jews of the late 19th century had a vision for their own ethnostate, so I have the same vision for whites.

But here’s where you people miss it. Every time someone of your generation condemns the alt-right, it just shows how out of touch you are. You Boomers grew up in an America 90% white (the 1960 census places the USA at 90% white) and now largely live gated off from diversity. My friends and I grew up in diversity. We have been indoctrinated with pro-diversity propaganda since the age of 5, bullied for being white, we have been demonized our entire lives, and our female friends have been raped. We live in a war zone.

We live in an anti-white culture. Yes an ANTI-WHITE culture. Since the age of 5, I have been exposed to anti-white propaganda — ranging from my people do not exist, or should not exist, or are to blame for everything .

Yet conservatives are afraid to call out this anti-white culture by name. Why are you so terrified to name the anti-white abuse my generation experiences on a daily basis? Instead conservatives attack the alt-right, those of us being attacked by anti-whites. Conservatives have got to be the most cowardly people on the planet.


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