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Affluent Christian Investor | December 3, 2023

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Most of What God Has Given You is Not For You

I really enjoy the song, “Home” by Chris Tomlin, because the lyrics speak of the joy waiting for us when we get to heaven:

This world is not what it was meant to be

All this pain, all this suffering

There’s a better place

Waiting for me

In Heaven

Every tear will be wiped away

Every sorrow and sin erased

We’ll dance on seas of amazing grace

In Heaven

In Heaven

I’m goin’ home

Where the streets are golden

Every chain is broken

Oh I wanna go

Oh I wanna go


Where every fear is gone

I’m in your open arms

Where I belong



Reading through the lyrics made me wonder why anyone would desire to live on earth?  Streets of gold versus potholes?  Every fear gone versus living in a world where crazy men can shoot off nuclear missiles at any moment? Tears wiped away versus the sorrow experienced from losing a loved one?  Why do we put up with this when we do not have to?  Why not just swallow the proverbial cyanide pill and call it a day?  Jesus – I am coming home!

I believe the answer can be found in a quote by Larry Burkett:

“Most of what God gives you in life is not for you.”

Believing our lives are meant to be given for others, our circumstances then, appear in a whole new light.  We see our potholes as opportunities to help steer others around their potholes.  Fears are used to help those coping with the difficulties life throws at them.  Our tears help us understand how to comfort others who are experiencing grief.  By storing up treasures for ourselves on earth through selfishness and hoarding our experiences, we waste our lives.  If this is the case, we would certainly be better off popping the pill!  However, if we, as Larry suggested, view our lives as being for the benefit of others, we store up treasures in heaven, to be used for all of eternity.

So, what can you give away and have more of?  You!

Jesus is the example of someone who gave his entire life for others.  He encourages us to get off the pill and start living for our true homecoming!




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