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Affluent Christian Investor | December 2, 2023

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A Breakthrough With the Economists: The Impact of Teaching God’s Word

Martin Luther

A month ago, in the beautiful and historic village of Kaub on the scenic Rhine, I spoke to 60 economists on the Economic Consequences of the Reformation. One professor summed up the response of many:

“I spent 10 years studying Max Weber” he said, “I read all of Weber literature, especially his interpretation of the profound impact the Protestant Reformation had on Europe’s economic life. I wrote my PhD on Weber and have taught him for years. But today, in one hour, you have helped me understand Luther, Reformation, and Economics as Weber could not.”

My lecture was that the most important thing that Martin Luther did to change German economy for the better was that he taught that the Bible is God’s word.

The lecture was filmed amateurishly, but they hope to transcribe it and make the script available to their colleagues and invite me to speak to the professors of Development Economics.

On Nov 8, in Lörrach, I spoke for 11 hours to students, teachers, parents and community. They sold 180 copies of two of my books. Today I have spoken three times and now have a public lecture. In late november, I spoke to 200 or so teachers from different cities of Germany. Christian schools are responding to my message.

The Reformers opposed Churches corruption and mobilised Christians to create wealth, not to covet it. Now evangelicalism has turned missiology into messiology (George Verwer) that allows Christian leaders to loot wealth.


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