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Affluent Christian Investor | September 21, 2023

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Self-Promotion Works Best When Promoting Others First

Recently, I was rewarded for my promotional efforts by a fellow blogger who recognized encouragement and inspiration as a gift. Ryan Biddulph often promotes other bloggers, or talks about other people’s blogs on his own blog Blogging from Paradise. More often than not, he’s chatting up a blogging tip, or identifying a promotional concept that works well in the industry.

Most bloggers are working toward making a profit from sharing information. Even here at TownHall, the interactive sharing of content, information, and ideas brings in ideas by promoting ad links where readers can purchase what interests them. Since I’m moving into a new house and have ordered several pieces of new furniture (dressers, night stands, etc.) the majority of ads are directed at these pieces. And when I see something I’m interested in, I click. If I purchase from that click, TownHall makes money on my “CLICK.” But did they really have anything to do with my purchase?

Not really. But I did see the item, or a like item on their site, while reading content I wanted to read. So the option to place ads on your blog or website, offers a viable alternative income stream for content providers. This benefits not only the blogger, but also the marketing business.

When you have a blog and you’d like people to click your ad links, the best way to get them to click is to promote others first.

You really don’t need to talk about yourself. You can talk about ads, other bloggers or writers, other businesses, or even the promoters on your site – if you don’t directly TELL your readers to click those links!

Creating evergreen content, driving traffic through links, and promoting others through links to their blogs can be lucrative, if only in link clicks, without becoming a clickbait site.

Nobody appreciates the sites where popups, ads, and overzealous promotion is all they see. And it’s even worse if you have to click to the next page, because so much of the page is covered with ads that the actual content is split between many pages of ads. Ridiculous!

There’s a better way.

There’s a more proactive way to promote your content and income streams.

Promote others first!

It’s easy… Do you like the content? Leave a comment. Share the link.

Do you like the book? Leave a review. Write a review and post it on your website, or a website where you offer reviews and content.

Write reviews when you purchase books on ALWAYS.

Write reviews of other people’s blogs and books on your own website.

Talk about the incredible inspiration you get from another blogger.

Chat with and encourage those whose work you appreciate.

Offer praise. Share their work. Add a comment on social media.

Write guest posts for them. Promote a variety of bloggers, or businesses, in your posts. Links are good!

Mention others in similar industries when you write blog posts, or books, or other items that offer opportunities.

When you mention others, you give your readers time and opportunity to research them, visit their links, and read their work as well. Promote others, because as you do so, you’re promoting yourself.

Some fun ways to promote others

Write a Case Study about your experience using Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey.

Discuss how you made a few extra dollars last year, investing with Crista Huff’s advice.

Or start your business based on advice from Kevin Cullis at

The opportunities you take to promote others will come back and bless you, because they will promote you. Others who see you promoting them, will promote you too. This process of promotion works all the time. Try it.

Let’s chat over coffee.



Originally published on Townhall Finance.


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