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Affluent Christian Investor | September 21, 2023

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How the Bible Gave the West (and Will Give the East) Human Dignity

“All people are like grass,
and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of the Lord endures forever.” (1 Peter 1: 24-25)

Postmodern philosophers agree with my famous ancestor, the Buddha: If God does not exist, my “Self” is an artificial linguistic construct. I cannot exist as a “Soul” — a spiritual being with meaning and significance, with freedom, unique dignity and inalienable rights. These are illusions created by an ignorant, secularized Christian culture.

Monists and Mystics may also be right in consenting with my Hindu friends: My individuality is as insignificant as a fleeting wave in an ocean. It makes no difference to the ocean. My salvation lies in losing my identity into “everything”. Eternal death, not eternal life ought to be my quest.

Were Pagans — Greeks, Romans, and Indians — right that I am like a dog tied to the cosmic ox cart. The dog cannot change the direction or speed of the cart. As an insignificant slave, the dog has to follow where his destiny takes him. The cart seems to be driven by capricious gods of Fortune, Luck, Time, and Death.

It is almost fifty years now when I got excited about God’s Word — the Bible. it gave me an entirely different perspective on who I was. It said that I was not meant to be a helpless dog, slavishly following a cart. I was created to sit on the driver’s seat and steer the cart. My sin did make me a slave. But on first Christmas, the Savior came to purchase Satan’s slaves with His blood in order to set them free to be God’s sons and daughters.

My God-given dignity means that as God’s child, I ought to seek His grace to humbly walk with Him. I should ask Him to sit on the throne of my heart and drive my life’s cart — freeing me from the fear of capricious constellation and diabolical powers that do, in fact, govern the rebellious world. I am to participate in God’s mission of liberating Satan’s slaves.

My glory will soon fade into oblivion . . . but because God’s Word abides, liberates and gives light and abundant life. . . my most significant service to the world during the last year was publishing Volume 1 of “This Book Changed Everything: the Bible’s Amazing Impact on Our World.” It is selling in English, Portuguese, and German. Spanish, Indonesian, and Finnish translations are almost complete.

After 100-days of speaking in “seven” continents, ten countries and 40+ cities, now I am enjoying the family for 7 weeks. My hope is to prepare the manuscript “Healing for the Open Wounds of Islam” for publication. Please pray for a publisher/distributor.


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