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Affluent Christian Investor | September 30, 2023

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This Was The Fundamental Change Obama Wanted

Over the past several years, extraordinary proposals have been made to, as Barack Obama promised, “fundamentally change” America. The former president was never specific about what he wanted to change America into, and a supportive media never pressed him on the issue.

A clear and disturbing picture has emerged, one which eliminates traditional Constitutional forms of justice, basic American governmental rights, and essential national security.

Democrats have seriously discussed eliminating the Electoral College, a move which would mean that Progressive-run New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and a few other major cities would essentially decide each and every presidential election. Some have even discussed eliminating the entire U.S. Senate, a move which would ensure that a few large Leftist states would forever dominate the entire nation.

The concept of the rule of law is on the “fundamentally change” chopping block. Progressive judges across the nation have replaced the concepts of adherence to precedent and statutes with their own personal beliefs. One of the most basic purposes of law, protecting citizens from criminal activity, has been challenged by Leftist moves to empty out jails under any convenient excuse.

The Washington Times reports that, “Protesters arrested for looting or rioting in several American cities appear to have been let off the hook as prosecutors drop charges or new laws put them back out on the streets quickly.”

The latest move to defund the police is a key objective to replace the rule of law with Leftist-oriented politicized mob rule. The New York Post notes that, “Hillary Clinton’s ex-press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted… A Brooklyn College sociology professor, Alex Vitale, called for abolishing the police. [Left wing] celebrities rich enough to afford private security — Natalie Portman, Brie Larson, the Weeknd, John Legend, Jane Fonda, Lizzo, etc. — all signed an open letter drenched with lies calling for public funds to be turned away from policing…”

What would take their place? Law Enforcement Today reports that, “One of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Black Lives Movement in New York says they plan on launching an armed branch of “peace officers.” In some places, a so-called “all volunteer-led civilian patrol organization,” Muslim Community Patrol & Services, drive around in police look-alike vehicles

Police forces themselves have been intimidated by leftist public officials into kneeling before protesters—a scene that should viscerally disturb everyone… Ludicrous restrictions have been placed upon them by Progressive mayors, such as the Portland, Oregon mayor who told his cops that they couldn’t use loudspeakers to break up riots.

None of these moves have anything to do with George Floyd. That terrible crime is only the excuse to push these long-brewing radical ideas.

Basic protections under the Bill of Rights are under constant attack. Senator Schumer has proposed weakening the First Amendment, and universities largely ignore freedom of speech.  Major social media sites overtly censor those on the center and right. Numerous cities act as though the Second Amendment doesn’t exist.

All of these acts are dangerous in the extreme, especially when taken together. However, a great nation cannot be annihilated without first killing its soul. That attempted murder is where Progressives have made the most headway. The educational establishment has adopted biased and inaccurate textbooks and curriculum designed to denigrate the American experience. Several generations have now been taught to hate their own nation.  The entertainment industry, now heavily influenced by Chinese money, casts a malicious and false portrayal of American society. Social media giants and the mainstream media are dominated by those who hate the nation.

All of these actions have one central goal: the replacement of American rights and Constitutional order with the type of “Progressive” rule seen in places such as Venezuela, Cuba, and China. It can happen here, and the battle is being fought now.

Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy and Government



Originally published on Townhall Finance.


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