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Affluent Christian Investor | May 29, 2023

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Why Obamagate Is Worse Than Watergate

Barack and Michelle Obama holding hands at the event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches.

An innocent man’s life was knowingly, wholly and intentionally shattered to advance the political goals of a party that had lost an honest election. A nation was thrown into turmoil for years by a collection of elected officials and strategically placed bureaucrats who believed that they had the right to engage in underhanded efforts to reject the will of the people.

The actions of people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, and the pundits in the media that aided and abetted their illicit efforts reflect the direct legacy of the utter corruption of the Obama Administration, which turned the machinery of government into a partisan attack dog. The extent of the foul play that has prevailed since the advent of the Obama-Biden White House is unprecedented.

The actions of Loretta Lynch, who used the Justice Department to terrorize those who merely disagreed with Obama, and those of Lois Lerner, who openly utilized her position at the IRS to harass conservatives, were vicious and worthy of jail time.

But of course, no prosecutions occurred, just as no criminal charges were brought against Hillary Clinton, who authorized the sale of the basic ingredient of nuclear weapons to an enemy nation in return for cash considerations to her “foundation.”

Perhaps, in a nation now 244 years old, it was inevitable that at some point the heights of dishonesty would occasionally be scaled. Even a document as brilliant as the U.S. Constitution, the greatest work of political genius in history, could not prevent every act of criminal intent.

If that were the sole problem, it would be relatively comforting to recognize the challenge, and work diligently in election cycles to prevent individuals of low character from again gaining elected or appointed office. But the problem is far deeper.

The issue is the tolerance of evil in the name of partisan politics, and the loss of any concept of objective morality.

Consider how differently the nation reacted to the current scandals than to the far lesser Watergate matter. Watergate involved a break-in of a Democrat National Committee office and the wiretapping of phones. Nixon failed to take proper steps to expose the wrongdoing and punish the perpetrators. For those sins, he was appropriately vilified and driven from office.

The actions of the Obama Administration were far worse. Rather than employing a few scoundrels, whole branches of government were morphed into partisan tools. This was not just an assault on political adversaries, it was an assault against morality itself and the entire constitutional order. It reflected the worst practices of the worst regimes in history. It’s the same type of practice that the Nazi Party did to the German government, and what the Communist Party did to the Russian government. The Party’s interest became more important than the nation’s, and horror ensued.

There is no act too outrageous, no statement too untrue, for party-above-nation believers to engage in. The Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, alleges that Trump is more to blame for the COVID-19 crisis than China, a statement so absurd it should have been met with total ridicule. But, in an election year, it helps his Party, so it goes un-responded to by many Democrats and their media allies. The damage to America and the help to an enemy nation is not a consideration, as long it achieves partisan goals.

The absence of not only patriotism but morality itself has led to this juncture. America’s national soul will not be expunged until the citizenry rejects the placement of partisanship above honesty, morality, the rule of law, and the nation itself.



Originally published on Townhall Finance.


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