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Affluent Christian Investor | September 28, 2023

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2020 Can End Up As A Year Of Unity

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The year 2020 has been a year of disruptions, disunity, and violence. The virus has done some damage, but worse by far is the economic pain and dislocation perpetrated by our own governments, as well as the ongoing riots that are supported and encouraged by certain politicians.

Sickness and death from the virus certainly has had its effects, not only on the lives and families of individuals, but in the grand scheme of things, its economic effect has been negligible. Almost all of the economic problems that American citizens face lie at the feet of politicians and the draconian policies that have strangled the productive sector, especially the small business sector. Large, politically connected businesses have been allowed to stay open while small businesses had been forced to close for months, contributing not only to extremely high unemployment, but also to business closures and bankruptcies.

As a political pretense toward compassion, the moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent is having negative effects, which will be multiplied as time goes on. Property owners still have all of their expenses and payments, and contrary to what some might think, not all such property owners are millionaires or billionaires who can “afford it.” If the government is going to force people to be unemployed, the burden should be shouldered by the government, as in you and me, the taxpayers and all consumers who will ultimately pay through higher taxes or inflated prices. If people cannot pay rent now because they don’t have a job, how will they pay for it when they have more than half a year’s back rent to make up after the moratorium? Something has to give, and it doesn’t look good for the nation’s small property owners.

Still more damage, both economic and social, is occurring with the riots, racial division, and unrest. This also is based on a pretense, on dishonesty and political calculation. Black men and women are not killed by police more than white men and women, or those of other races, especially when taken as a percentage of violent crimes committed, for which violent encounters with police are pretty much guaranteed.

The Democratic party leadership has embraced the radical left and are, in fact, attempting to foment a socialist revolution, for which race is simply a convenient facade to hide behind. The Democratic party leadership owns these riots, and the destruction, injury, and death that have accompanied them. Former Secretary of State John Kerry threatened that there will be more riots if President Trump wins reelection. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has gone so far as to say the riots will continue no matter who wins, and that they should continue. Presidential candidate Joe Biden is simply a wet dishrag who bends to the political will of the radicals in his party. Regardless of how “centrist” or “moderate” he is made out to be, his platform has been formulated by the most radical elements of his party, and they are the ones who will be calling the shots.

There is still a possibility for a happier ending to a disastrous year. In spite of some things that Trump has done, it seems like main street U.S.A. is getting sick of the riots, so much that the Democratic party rhetoric is bending, forcing some of them to actually denounce riots, violence, and mayhem. The newfound pandering is quite apparent and just as dishonest, and hopefully America will reject the violent, radical left of the Democratic party. America is ready to use whatever means necessary to squelch the riots and heal wounds. Like the 1960s, it seems like the leftist radicals have overplayed their hand and maybe, hopefully, will find themselves banished from political power for a long time.



Originally published on Townhall Finance.


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