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Affluent Christian Investor | June 8, 2023

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Our Dishonest Ruling Class

Far too many of America’s influencers, those who shape public opinion through broadcasting, publishing, teaching or even entertaining, have proven to be incapable or unwilling to honestly portray the numerous serious issues facing the nation.

There is a key reason for this. Some, especially those who graduated in the past two decades, have been poorly educated in history and even worse in the arts of reason and research. As universities, high schools and even lower education concentrated, reasonably commendably, on science and math, they did so at the expense of history and civics. Ignorant of the hard-learned lessons of past crises and taught in an environment where emotion is considered as vital as accuracy, they simply lack the bedrock tools necessary.

Absent a widespread historical memory or a comprehension of how American government works, it became easy for extremists to push concepts that have already repeatedly failed or that simply fail to reflect reality.

Take the current popularity of socialism, which polls indicate is significantly popular among the young.  A Gallup survey found that at least half of young adults prefer it over capitalism. They do so in large part because biased hard-left professors refused to reveal how socialism has consistently led to tyranny, mass murder, and destroyed economies. They gloss over the fact that it has provided “equality” by reducing the middle class to poverty, not by raising the poor to increased prosperity. Students and professors who question Leftist orthodoxy are penalized, harassed and ostracized, an authoritative response quite typical of socialist regimes.

By falsely portraying America’s political and economic system as biased and inequitable, they have spawned a movement of misguided militants.

One would assume that more informed journalists, pundits, or professors would strive to provide enlightenment and correct the factual inaccuracies. A (very) small number have, but have done so at great peril.

As the hard-left gained ascendancy in education and journalism, it moved forcefully and expeditiously to remove those with differing views from their institutions. Look at the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in education. Look at how print, broadcast and internet news organizations delete those with conservative views from their staffs. Note how the entertainment industry vigorously and viciously blackballs those who dissent from “progressive” views.

A recent, and perhaps one of the most illustrative examples comes from the rapidly deteriorating New York Times. The publication acted shamefully (again!) in saying there’s no need for a presidential debate. They rightfully fear that Biden’s mental decay will show, and have become so partisan they would rather support an incompetent than honestly report the news. Eliminating debates means eliminating the role of the public to make up their own mind as to the better of the two candidates. The New York Times and the elitists who detest popular opinion believe their role is tell the public what to think.

Like that once-venerable newspaper, many in education seek to divorce the public from the information needed to truly exercise their sovereignty as citizens. As Townhall and many others have reported, the essential tool to do that, a knowledge of civics and history, is under attack. “During a meeting in Evanston…political, education, and other Chicago leaders demanded the Illinois State Board of Education stop teaching history until a suitable alternative is developed…The mayor refused to take a stand for U.S. history because it’s not his ‘area…’”

It has been, for the Progressives, a half- century long and quite victorious “march through the institutions” that has virtually created a leftist monopoly, with a few exceptions, on the airwaves, the internet, education, and Hollywood. The goal was not just to push their perspective, but also to censor all other views.

Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New york Analysis of Policy & Government.



Originally published on Townhall Finance.


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