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Affluent Christian Investor | October 2, 2023

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Quibbling Over The Quarantine Quandary

Talking with people it has become apparent that most really don’t know much about quarantine laws and their history.  Many people seem to take it for granted that the healthy being quarantined during Covid-time is a perfectly natural response.  Of course, it is, quite the contrary, unheard of.

Quarantine laws are ancient and well codified.  For example, Leviticus 13 specifies isolation for certain contagious illnesses.

During the Middle Ages when Black Plague decimated Europe, most of the Jewish population followed the Biblical quarantine mandates and were much less impacted by the plague than those who didn’t do so.  Unfortunately, this resulted in their being viewed as the cause or, manipulators of the illness.  Consequently, they were vilified and persecuted for their perceived involvement with the spread of the disease – no good deed goes unpunished.

Quarantine laws make sense and are intimately connected with the commandment to not murder.  If one has a deadly contagious disease, of course, one should isolate so as to not cause another to get the disease and possibly die – knowingly to infect someone would be tantamount to murder.

However, in all of history, I can find no instance where the quarantine applied to people who were well or, even entire populations as we have seen mandated during the recent Communist Chinese virus outbreak.

Quarantine laws also have been applied to speech throughout history.  Just as it is wise to isolate deadly disease, it is wise to isolate murderous ideas to keep them from spreading.

We currently see the technocratic elite doing this with enthusiasm and vigor as they ban conservatives and their ideas from their platforms.

Their tactics of intolerance and intimidation are draconian in their efforts to not only convince the undecided but, to silence us from voicing our opinions at all.

Even the former President is quarantined off several forums that are granted statutory liability immunity because they supposedly are not gate keepers of thought, even as they daily restrict, minimize and ostracize conservatives from voicing their ‘dangerous’ opinions.

Their egregious banning of those that don’t agree with them conceals a radical intolerance of the truth – a thing that liberals continue to deny exists, because all things are relative in their minds, even as they proclaim they are its protector.

Liberals cannot bear to associate on equal terms those who espouse the absoluteness of reality, the fixedness of gender, the Biblical basis for law or, the sacredness of all life.

Isn’t it amazing the path they took get to this position of power?  By incessantly proclaiming that WE should be tolerant of their differences, by passing laws mandating that WE must associate with the perverts, the atheist and the criminal and haranguing US for our ‘bigotry’ they now will not tolerate OUR differences and refuse to hire and advance conservatives who disagree with them.

Interestingly, the left has the testicular strength necessary to apply quarantine law to religion and morality while the right seems to be lacking in the fortitude to apply the same tactic.  But, we can re-learn from them that we don’t have to deny the differences that separate us from the unfaithful.

Quite the opposite, our duty is to proclaim those differences (just as they are doing when they ban our ideas), speak the truth (even as they speak their ‘truth’) and not tolerate their hate speech (which truly is hateful) any more than they do ours.

Hopefully, many of the mushy conservatives have now learned that there is no reward in trying to appease the unbelieving socialists.  Only by adopting our own quarantine to their murderous, unhealthy and racist speech can we have a chance of not taking all things to the lowest possible level.

As usual, the anti-Christians take a Biblical idea – quarantine laws- and stand them on their head, isolating the healthy instead of the sick.  Then they apply the same laws to speech & ideation de-platforming righteous thought from the public square.

It is only because of Christian passivity, a retreat from the integration of faith into the culture, a preponderance of preaching that the faithful should remain pure from the world (taken in the sense of non-involvement and ‘don’t touch’), a sense that religious vocation was better than secular and, a pussy-livered civil and ecclesiastical elite who didn’t have the manliness to quarantine heretical and culture-destroying speech, it is for these reasons that we created a vacuum that the ungodly were able to fill, grabbing the levers of media, political, educational and business power to turn the tables on us and, in the end, showing that they are just as intolerant as they accused us of being.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander – May God grant us the wisdom of creative subversion to topple the evil regime our culture has become and give us a few real men to apply their same tactics back upon them, administered with grace and mercy – where deserved – of course.


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