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Affluent Christian Investor | February 25, 2024

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FreedomFest, An Appreciation

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I’ve been invited to speak at FreedomFest this year. FreedomFest, founded by my friend Mark Skousen, one of the great economists of our time, has become the largest and most influential gathering of thinkers devoted to promoting freedom in all its forms.

Click here to get a line-up of all of the speakers.

It is an impressive list indeed.

I will be speaking four times at the conference. Here’s my itinerary:

Wednesday, July 21

2:00 pm MDT: The Maker Versus the Takers: What Jesus Really Said About Social Justice and Economics

3:00 pm MDT: Informed Investing: Navigating Wall Street, Washington and the Global Economy. I will be moderating a panel with Stephen Moore and Rob Arnott.

2:00pm MDT

Thursday, July 22

3:10 pm MDT

How to Make Your Book Into a Bestseller. I will be moderating a panel with Michael Beas and Marji Ross.

Friday, July 23

1:10 pm MDT:

A Look Inside: Mark Skousen Interviews Top Investment Guru, Jerry Bowyer

Register here.

And use promo code, BOWYER50, to get a $50 discount.

Let me share some thoughts about FreedomFest. When Mark first was thinking about this, he called me and bounced the idea off me. We chatted at length, but the bottom line is that I thought it was a terrific idea. As I look around the world of intellectual conferences, I see a few types. First, there are the Commanding Heights spots, Davos, Aspen Institute. These tend to have a heavy tilt towards ruling-classitis. The focus is on men of the state or of gigantic publicly traded corporations, which are increasingly intertwined with the state. Conservative ideas (unless you mean conserving current large institutions) are missing, and libertarian ones even more so.

There are some of these, Milken and the SALT conferences which are of better quality, but there is still the feel of basking in the great men, rather than exchanging ideas and the spectrum of acceptable ideas is pretty narrow.

Then there are the various techie versions of thought leadership world. TED Talks is the big brand, but Google has its own forum, as do many others. It’s a different branch of the ruling class. The tech thought leader industry is pretty well woke, utopian, secular, and ideologically narrow.

Some of the old school gatherings such as Chautauqua Institute avoid the ruling class, “anybody who’s anybody gets invited” elements of Davos world, but it heavily tilts towards staid, WASP content, academia and a narrow ideological range.

FreedomFest, on the other hand, is grassroots, but intellectual. Intellectual, but not academic. And it offers pretty much the widest spectrum of ideas of any major conference. May it continue to grow and prosper on its arc from being the most influential freedom-oriented grassroots intellectual conference, towards being the most influential of all grassroots intellectual conferences (without losing its freedom focus).

The future does not belong to any of the branches of our ruling class, which have squandered their last vestiges of credibility. It belongs to that restless minority of curious, engaged, self-reliant men and women who refuse to be held hostage to groupthink in all its forms.

This article originally appeared on Townhall Finance.


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