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Affluent Christian Investor | December 2, 2023

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Over the past few years, a sweeping trend has emerged among America’s largest corporations. Spurred by the workings of a small but dedicated group of activists, major (and minor) corporations have become deeply invested in political activism. Using the nuances of shareholder engagement, a variety of methods that can be taken by shareholders to force the hand of corporate leadership, activists have been able to alter the shape of the corporate world.

First, we want to explain to investors the extent of the problem: how corporations have adopted absurd and financially damaging positions under the banner of “ESG,” how corporate culture has become dominated by this activism, and the consequences of their ideology.

Bowyer Research – The Christian’s Handbook For Transforming Corporate America Second, we want to demonstrate from the basis of Jesus’s own actions that Christian investors and financial advisors are justified in engaging with these businesses–that the Bible does not teach that we are morally obligated to boycott businesses that are engaged in sinful activity. Jesus’s model was that of engagement for the sake of conversion, not separation for the sake of maintaining moral cleanliness. While some advocate for a decoupling from businesses that violate their values, and we would certainly not assert that anyone should violate their conscience, we argue on a Biblical basis that we as Christian investors are well within our rights to invest in the worst offenders and influence them for the better.

Third, we want to explain how to get involved and push back against the slow slide of the corporate world down the slope of biased ideological activism.

We’ll show how one can identify the businesses who constitute its most egregious participants, and we will then educate our readers on the mechanics of corporate engagement.

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