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Affluent Christian Investor | July 6, 2020

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AboutDaniel McLaughlin, Author at Affluent Christian Investor

Daniel McLaughlin

Daniel McLaughlin

Daniel J. McLaughlin is the author of "Compassion and Truth-Why Good Intentions Don't Equal Good Results." Formerly a finance executive, he is now focused primarily on writing on economics, business, and politics. You can find him at

Posts By Daniel McLaughlin

July 1, 2020 |

Burning Cities Could Unify America

Cities around the country have been burning from rioting, resulting, ostensibly, from the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. The lesson to be learned, however, is not one you’ve been presented with.

After … Read More

June 11, 2020 |

Beset By Bezos Billions

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, even after giving his ex-wife 36 billion dollars in a divorce settlement. He must have big stacks of large bills filling his living room. Actually, no, he doesn’t. Most of his … Read More

June 5, 2020 |

If Trump Were A Fascist He Would Have…

A large swath of the political left seems to consider Donald Trump to be a Hitler or Mussolini in the making, and maybe they are right. He does have that Mussolini chin sometimes. In many ways, though, he doesn’t quite … Read More

May 14, 2020 |

Simple Principles Are Better Than Complex Models

Modern mainstream economics tends to involve complex mathematical models that purport to forecast the future from past results, in close enough detail for politicians to make decisions that affect the economic well-being of an entire nation and even the … Read More

May 5, 2020 |

The Socialistic Future Always Sounds So Good

Eugen Richter, a German liberal politician and journalist at the turn of the previous century, published “Pictures of the Socialistic Future” in 1893. As a work in the public domain, the ebook version can be downloaded for free. The novel … Read More

April 29, 2020 |

China Experience Doesn’t Negate Gains From Trade

The coronavirus has brought many things to light that might not have been obvious before if you weren’t looking. One of them is that the Chinese Communist Party is still a dictatorial communist regime with its eye on world economic … Read More

April 20, 2020 |

2.2 Trillion Dollars Of Non-Stimulus

Your representatives in Washington have decided to spend an extra 2.2 trillion dollars of your money. Since many millions of people are pretty much forced to stay home and businesses shuttered, some portion of it actually makes sense. If … Read More

April 2, 2020 |

We’ll Get Through This Despite, Not Because Of, Government Spending

Coronavirus is the biggest story in the world. We, in the United States, are likely going to have a hard time in the near future, as shut-downs and restrictions strangle the economy. We, however, are starting off from a fairly … Read More

March 26, 2020 |

Panic Doesn’t Suspend Economic Laws

Considering recent panic buying, it’s worthwhile considering, again, the phenomenon of rising prices in times of scarcity. The best analogy I have seen is from Professor Antony Davies: “Trying to battle a shortage by prohibiting prices from rising is … Read More

March 2, 2020 |

Taking The Emotion Out Of The Immigration Debate

The reality of the immigration debate is often swamped by emotion. The biggest problem, it seems to me, is that the topic is treated like one clear-cut, monolithic pronouncement: you are either for it or against it. That creates confusion … Read More

February 5, 2020 |

Starting At The Right End Of The Climate Debate

Climate politics has been ratcheting up again recently, accompanying yet another international climate hysteria fest, so it is worth revisiting. In most cases, discussions begin and end with arguments about what the science does or does not say. That is … Read More

December 9, 2019 |

Business Success Comes From Skin In The Game

Strict central planning for a nation has been a disaster, whenever and wherever it has been imposed. Central planning, however, is not necessarily an all-or-nothing proposition. Certain industries, such as airlines, utilities, or ground transportation, may be socialized, being owned … Read More

December 5, 2019 |

Stop Calling The Deep State ‘Public Servants’

People who work for the government, elected, appointed, or otherwise installed, are typically called public servants, that their role is to serve the public, to do what is good for the people in society. That understanding is naive. People who … Read More

November 26, 2019 |

Trump Is Laying His Own Trap

Donald Trump has demonstrated many times over his incredible game-playing ability, getting his opponents to overplay their hands and to shoot themselves in the foot, and it is fun to see. He knows how to get things done, and … Read More

October 28, 2019 |

Capitalism Sustains Development; Socialism Sustains Poverty

We have witnessed a dramatic decrease in the percentage of the world population living in extreme poverty over the last few decades. The United Nations likes to attribute it to its Sustainable Development Goals and its amazing government-run programs for … Read More

October 23, 2019 |

Global Warming Honcho Shockingly Honest About Climate Change Policy

I admit it, I am a skeptic. As ironic as it sounds, I am often even skeptical about the skepticism of others. I usually don’t take things at face value. I need to look behind the facade and see … Read More

October 15, 2019 |

Giving Government Power To Protect Us From Corporate Power Makes Things Worse

Politics revolves around who should have power, often between the public and private sectors, but lack of a clear definition confuses the issue. Power could be described as the ability to use force, though, in some circles, it is construed … Read More

October 8, 2019 |

Greta’s Right About One Thing: Someone Has Stolen Her Childhood

The United Nations convened on September 23 for one of their regular climate hysteria fests. They were so serious about it that they imported a 16 year old Swedish girl to belch her emotions and scold us all for stealing … Read More

September 9, 2019 |

Why Countries Are Poor: Economic Parasites Are Bigger Than Hosts

For a wide swath of people, profit is a dirty word. For them, it is evidence that businesses expropriate the value of labor from their employees or cheat customers by charging prices higher than the costs of production. It … Read More

August 26, 2019 |

Government Planners Blame Global Warming For Food Shortages Caused By Government Planners

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has produced another special report, entitled “Climate Change and Land,” that discusses global warming, desertification, extreme weather, and other such issues that they say threatens the ability of  human populations to … Read More

August 20, 2019 |

Diversity Does Not Equal Strength

Tolerance and diversity are two sacred mantras of modern day progressivism. Nobody wants to be called a racist, but if you question these precepts from the high priests and priestesses, it seems to be de facto qualification for the … Read More

July 30, 2019 |

Healthcare System Democrats Want Has Already Failed In Sweden

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan. Period.” That was the mantra that we heard over and over when the so-called Affordable … Read More

June 17, 2019 |

Social Security Won’t Go Bankrupt — It Will Just Cut Your Benefits!

People are questioning whether or not the Social Security Trust Fund will go bankrupt, both retirees and current workers who have money deducted from every paycheck that pays into the fund. The answer, however, depends on what you mean … Read More

June 14, 2019 |

New York’s Disastrous Single-Payer Healthcare Plan

The New York Assembly and Senate held a joint hearing on May 28th to hear testimony regarding the New York Health Act (NYHA), with a good variety of views represented, but the underlying premise was that something is broken with New … Read More

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