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Affluent Christian Investor | April 15, 2021

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Jim Huntzinger

Jim Huntzinger

Jim Huntzinger began his career as a manufacturing engineer with Aisin Seiki (a Toyota Group company and manufacturer of automotive components) when they transplanted to North America to support Toyota. Over his career he has also researched at length the evolution of manufacturing in the United States with an emphasis on lean's influence and development. In addition to his research on TWI, he has extensively researched the history of Ford’s Highland Park plant and its direct tie to Toyota’s business model and methods of operation. Huntzinger is the President and Founder of Lean Frontiers and a graduate from Purdue University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology and received a M.S. in Engineering Management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He authored the book, Lean Cost Management: Accounting for Lean by Establishing Flow, was a contributing author to Lean Accounting: Best Practices for Sustainable Integration.

Posts By Jim Huntzinger

September 17, 2020 |

The Destructive Obsession With Equality

Today in the United States there are many who not only push for “equality” but actually work to force it on all citizens but themselves. The Founders embodied equal rights, not equality, yet collectivists continue to demand equality. Economist … Read More

September 11, 2020 |

The Founding Fathers Understood

In his book, The 5000 Year Leap, W. Cleon Skousen illustrates the Founders’ acknowledgment of the linkage between “inequality thru equity” and security:

The American Founders recognized that the moment the government is authorized to start leveling the material possessions of … Read More

September 4, 2020 |

Ignorance Or Evil?

So will the Central Planner be able to come in with the answer to issues and be able to persuade all parties that it is fair? Of course not! It would require a level of totalitarianism to enforce such … Read More

August 28, 2020 |

Equality Of Outcome Is Marxism

It is absolutely absurd to try to have some central authority managing the exchanges and outcomes of Americans in order to achieve equality.  It is extraordinarily better to allow the “impersonal forces,” as economist Friedrich Hayek describes them, to impartially … Read More

August 10, 2020 |

Centralized Efforts Are Absurd

In his masterpiece Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville’s dismissal of centralized efforts to improve inequality is at the center of his thesis and his observations of America and the American people. He opens his treatise — in fact, the … Read More

August 5, 2020 |

Constitution Of Liberty

In his book, The Constitution of Liberty, Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek disclosed that, “Not only has liberty nothing to do with any other sort of equality, but it is even bound to produce inequality in many respects. This is the … Read More

July 29, 2020 |

A Fool’s Errand

Franklin Roosevelt’s tone and message in his second inaugural speech revealed his collectivist direction of social justice and wealth redistribution. Lord Acton squarely refuted this practice and revealed its strangulation of freedom and liberty – its opposition to American Exceptionalism. … Read More

July 20, 2020 |

The Only Good Economic Model

In essence the only good economic model and practice has God at the center; God’s Law, which is the Natural Law of economics. The American Union developed this understanding and behavioral pattern in the 1600s and 1700s. The Puritan clergy … Read More

July 13, 2020 |

Real Shining City Economics

An inflationary economy is absolutely unnecessary and results in immense damage to the wealth created by a free-market. In fact, a price deflation economy can be an extraordinarily healthy economy.[1] This was the very economy of the United States during … Read More

July 7, 2020 |

Thwarting The Wickedness

While Presidents Harding and Coolidge thwarted the wickedness of the Wilson administration for a period – during a time of robust growth and prosperity in American history – the disease had already infected the original economic Intent.  What began to … Read More

July 1, 2020 |

Infractions Of The Economy

The infractions of the economy since the installation of the Federal Reserve came from a variety of government interventions with the Fed being one of the most, if not the most, powerful of these intervention mechanisms. In fact, Dr. Christina … Read More

June 25, 2020 |

Without Gold There Is Debasement

A central bank, like the Federal Reserve, without a gold (commodity) based currency, can issue paper money or credit at its whim. This action debases the value of the currency, which directly destroys the wealth of most citizens, but allows … Read More

June 17, 2020 |

The Lie Of The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was built from a number of false premises, desires, and demands of the powerful elite in finance and banking who wanted more “elasticity” in the monetary system. Such a system would allow them to generate income off … Read More

June 11, 2020 |

A Brief History Of The Definition Of Inflation

A reference by Michael Bryan, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, discloses the history of the concept of inflation. A Federal Reserve Bulletin from 1919 defined inflation as “the process of making addition to currencies not based on a commensurate increase … Read More

June 5, 2020 |

The Federal Reserve Has Failed And Inflation Is Destructive

Prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, federal debt remained very low – typically 10 percent to zero – and only surging upward during wartime.  But since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, federal debt has surged and never … Read More

May 29, 2020 |

The 16th Amendment Imposed

The income tax established by the 16th Amendment imposed what resembled a flat tax – a one percent on the net income of individuals plus a surtax, ranging from one to six percent, on income above specific thresholds.  Therefore, it was … Read More

May 18, 2020 |

Evil On Jekyll Island

The construction of the Federal Reserve began as an undercover operation when Rhode Island Senator Nelson Aldrich called a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Clubhouse on Jekyll Island, Georgia (see Photos 1 and 2).  Six men, including Nelson, Assistant … Read More

May 14, 2020 |

A History Of Deflation And Prosperity

A study of economic history reveals that anytime in the United States when there exists a price inflation of the overall increase of the price of goods and services there is destructive economic government intervention taking place.[1]  As Austrian … Read More

April 29, 2020 |

FDR Makes The Federal Reserve In His Own Image

In 1933 changes by the Roosevelt Administration to the Federal Reserve “wrought in the U.S. financial system by the New Deal” would “[plunge the monetary system] into massive fraud upon the American public by claiming to rescue the nation from … Read More

April 20, 2020 |

The Indispensable Tyrant

President Franklin Roosevelt was in a state of delusion. He saw himself as the only one who could see the promised horizon and lead the ship accordingly. FDR’s Brain Trust member and financial advisor, James Warburg, wrote, “Mr. Roosevelt has utterly lost … Read More

April 17, 2020 |

The Significant Economic Contrast Between The 1920s And The 1930s

The comparison and contrast economically between the 1920s and the 1930s is significant. It is a comparison between: embracing American Exceptionalism (1920s, Coolidge-Harding) and rejecting American Exceptionalism (1930s, Hoover-Roosevelt); an adherence to the Great Experiment (1920s, Coolidge-Harding) and a … Read More

April 7, 2020 |

The Clash Of Two Worldviews: Statism And Liberty

Despite the Roosevelt Administration’s effort, coercion, and propaganda, by 1934 the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was losing ground. Many smaller businesses around the country, finding the NRA intolerable, began defying its regulations, ignoring fines levied against them, and filing … Read More

April 2, 2020 |

FDR Takes Lessons From Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson directly attacked citizens on pricing; for example, the seizure of property such as  eggs, sugar, dry salt pork, salmon, and pig’s ears, when the stores would not agree “to sell them at a ‘reasonable’ price and under … Read More

March 26, 2020 |

The Malicious Symbol Of The Blue Eagle

The malicious symbol of the NRA (National Recovery Administration) was the Blue Eagle; as evil often does cloak itself in something seemingly good, or in this case– patriotic.

The NRA soon demanded that all of its advocates use the new … Read More

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