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Affluent Christian Investor | September 30, 2023

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Jim Huntzinger

Jim Huntzinger

Jim Huntzinger began his career as a manufacturing engineer with Aisin Seiki (a Toyota Group company and manufacturer of automotive components) when they transplanted to North America to support Toyota. Over his career he has also researched at length the evolution of manufacturing in the United States with an emphasis on lean's influence and development. In addition to his research on TWI, he has extensively researched the history of Ford’s Highland Park plant and its direct tie to Toyota’s business model and methods of operation. Huntzinger is the President and Founder of Lean Frontiers and a graduate from Purdue University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology and received a M.S. in Engineering Management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He authored the book, Lean Cost Management: Accounting for Lean by Establishing Flow, was a contributing author to Lean Accounting: Best Practices for Sustainable Integration.

Posts By Jim Huntzinger

August 20, 2018 |

Tyrannical Elitists

Progressives like John Dewey directly impacted the American educational system to changing and directing it toward a collectivist mindset.  John Dewey was a proponent of instilling a more liberal and progressive education.  While he championed very positive educational practices which … Read More

August 10, 2018 |

The Most Stupid People In The World

A number of times my children and I have traveled to Zambia, Africa.  We go to visit and help some close family friends that are missionaries.  John and Kendra Enright are not typical missionaries.   While they do have a … Read More

August 7, 2018 |

The Black Spiral Of Statist Progressivism

Friedrich Hayek defined progressivism and its path of progression when he spoke in Dublin, Ireland in late 1945,

“That the progressive tendency forward central control of all social processes is the inevitable result of an approach which insists that everything … Read More

July 26, 2018 |

Authority Is Supposed To Flow From God, To The People, To The States, To The Feds

America is not a nation-state, but rather a Confederacy, where the people are the sovereigns with God as the Authority.  The States also have authority over the Federal government of the Confederacy.   This understanding was recognized during the State ratifying conventions of the … Read More

July 20, 2018 |

A Communist Intellectual Repents

Renowned academic Eugene Genovese, a leftist and former communist, in his 1994 article titled “The Question,” gives a clarion call to his fellow leftist to answer for the results of their history’s attempts to create a utopian society of equality … Read More

July 2, 2018 |

America Was Supposed To Be A City Of God, Now It’s A City Of Man

The Shining City upon the Hill is very well a manifestation of St. Augustine’s City of God.  The origination of the Shining City was to be the City of God; this was the vision John Winthrop portrayed in his sermon … Read More

June 11, 2018 |

Conservatives, Our Freedom Comes From God, Not Tradition

Our American Founding Fathers, guided and educated by the colonial clergy, instituted a limited government based on God’s Law of Fundamental Rights [“How Colonial America’s Pulpits Built Our Union on the Foundation of Natural Law”, “The Law of the Land: … Read More

October 20, 2017 |

How Christian Entrepreneurs Debating With Pastors Created American Economics

In his book Heavenly Merchandize, theologian Mark Valeri shares his insights on a foundational story of America through the men who actually lived and forged it.  It is the story of how America’s economic system unfolds from the interaction between … Read More

August 18, 2017 |

The Tragedy of Tuition Hyperinflation

What if tuition for an engineering degree (or any other degree for that matter) was $595 per semester instead of the present $10,000 per semester for a good state university?  Although, presently, tuition at many universities is much higher … Read More

June 26, 2017 |

Deflation: The Road to Prosperity

There are many amazing business people, and among their ranks are numerous excellent executives who understand the lean business model.  Also, there are a number of economists with a deep understanding of how to achieve good economies.  Although both … Read More

January 12, 2016 |

Abstraction vs. Reality: Top Down Management in Business and Economics

In my two previous articles I discussed, at a basic level, the difference between traditional accounting and lean accounting. One is reality and the other an abstraction. In Part II: Keynesian Economics, I discussed how the Keynesian model of … Read More

January 11, 2016 |

Abstraction vs. Reality: Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics

In my previous column, I discussed, at a fundamental level, the basic difference between traditional accounting and lean accounting. One is reality and the other an abstraction. But what does this have to do with economics? Or specifically Keynesian … Read More

January 7, 2016 |

Abstraction vs. Reality In Business

Traditional accounting verses lean accounting. Keynesian economics verses Austrian economics. Abstraction verses reality. These have all been discoveries of mine during my career as a manufacturing engineer and also in my research. Early in my engineering career, while learning … Read More

September 14, 2015 |

Colonial Pastors Prophesied a Warning to Our Generation

In 1788 Pastor Samuel Langdon preached wisdom which resonates to this very day which righteously warns, “Do not let openly irreligious and immoral men become your legislators. How can you expect good laws to be made by men who have … Read More

September 4, 2015 |

A Nation of Laws or of Men?

The American Union has a definitive hierarchy of sovereignty. The federal government is a creature of the States. The States are creatures of the People. The People are creatures of God. This makes God all sovereign over all things – … Read More

September 2, 2015 |

The Only Proper And Righteous Civil Government is Never Separated from God

In matters of church and state, it is clear that We the People’s religious beliefs can and should impact their understanding and action of civil government. But the government cannot violate people’s conscience of religion. Theologian Leonard Goenaga writes “that … Read More

September 1, 2015 |

The Law of the Land: God’s Law

The clergy of Colonial New England poured from the pulpit their view of polity directly from Scripture. “The Old Testament furnished many illustrations of covenant relations, of the limitations placed upon rulers and people, of natural rights, of the … Read More

August 28, 2015 |

America: Not a Nation, But a Confederation Under God

This confederation of nation-States would be bound together under a compactual agreement or covenant which would not form a new nation, although specific elements of a nation-state would be brought to bear;[1] but a confederacy of free and independent nation-States. … Read More

August 26, 2015 |

From the Sinai Desert to the New World

Well above all civilizations, the ancient Hebrews were the structure and law followed by American Founding generation. A significant study of other civilizations, like the Greeks, Romans, and others, were evaluated by Enlightenment writer Charles Montesquieu, but the most perfect … Read More

August 20, 2015 |

The Forging of the Colonial Pulpits

Duke University historian, Alice Baldwin, in her extensive 1928 study of the Colonial pulpit states unreservedly, “No one can fully understand the American Revolution and the American constitutional system without a realization of the long history and religious associations which … Read More

August 18, 2015 |

The American Colonial Clergy: We Must Be a Christian State

Thirty-four years prior to the American Revolution, Massachusetts Pastor Nathaniel Appleton, in 1742, would orate an brilliant description of exactly what the American civil government was – whether pre-Revolution or post-revolution – as he and so many other Colonial clergy … Read More

August 13, 2015 |

Colonial America Demanded a Monarchy

It is not taught in our schools, but Colonial America wanted a King. But it was not an earthly king they desired, as they would outright reject King Gorge, their former English King. They desired a higher King; that is … Read More

August 12, 2015 |

The Message From Colonial Clergy: When Government Doesn’t Obey God, It Is No Longer Legitimate

Joel McDuram states that

“American liberties we hold dear… derived from the application of biblical worldview. Moreover, it was the pulpit that was the medium for teaching these biblical freedoms to the people, and molding and shaping the American Christian … Read More

August 10, 2015 |

How Colonial America’s Pulpit Built Our Union on the Foundation of Natural Law

Under the American Compact it is stated that the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle Americans to specific and timeless unalienable rights; Fundamental rights and Fundamental law. These rights, articulated as Natural Law, established the moral standard for … Read More

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