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Affluent Christian Investor | December 4, 2023

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AboutVahan Janjigian, Ph.D., CFA, Author at Affluent Christian Investor

Vahan Janjigian, Ph.D., CFA

Vahan Janjigian, Ph.D., CFA

Vahan Janjigian is Chief Investment Officer at Greenwich Wealth Management, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Adviser, where he manages portfolios for clients in separate accounts. Dr. Janjigian is a former Forbes magazine columnist and former Editor of the Forbes Special Situation Survey. According to Hulbert Interactive, his stock picks returned more than 18% annually during one of the market’s worst 10-year periods. Dr. Janjigian holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has earned degrees in general sciences and finance from Villanova University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He previously served on the faculties of several universities, including the University of Delaware, Northeastern University, the American University of Armenia, and Boston College, where he taught courses in corporate finance, financial theory, investments, accounting, and economics; and he currently teaches a seminar on equity investment management to business executives in Singapore through Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. Dr. Janjigian has served as an expert witness on matters involving portfolio management, churning, suitability, and hedge fund manager compensation. Dr. Janjigian has published his research in numerous scholarly and professional journals; and has been quoted in many leading newspapers and magazines, including Barron’s, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He appears as a guest commentator on various television and radio networks, including Fox, CNBC, MSNBC, and CBS Radio. Dr. Janjigian is the author of Even Buffett Isn’t Perfect (published by Penguin) and co-author of The Forbes/CFA Institute Investment Course (published by Wiley).

Posts By Vahan Janjigian, Ph.D., CFA

March 2, 2015 |

Yellen’s Testimony Suggests Rates Will Rise This Year

In her recent testimony to the Senate and House, Janet Yellen ruled out an interest rate increase in the immediate future. However, she hinted that a rate increase would occur this year. This was largely in line with the thinking … Read More

January 30, 2015 |

Government Should Thank Apple

Just a few years ago, Tim Cook and other Apple executives were dragged into Congress to explain why they were minimizing taxes. Huh? Isn’t that what all companies should do? Apple wasn’t doing anything illegal. It was legally dodging corporate … Read More

January 27, 2015 |

Lower Energy Prices Could Be Inflationary

I read a short article Friday morning about when the Federal Reserve might increase interest rates. One money manager interviewed argued that the drop in oil prices means that the Fed will raise rates later than initially thought. This argument is … Read More

January 14, 2015 |

Would You Quit Your Job?

“Take this job and shove it. I ain’t working here no more.” These are the lyrics of an old country song sung by Johnny Paycheck. That was his stage name. Maybe he should have called himself Johnny No-Paycheck. After … Read More

January 12, 2015 |

Yet Another Misleading Jobs Report

Friday morning we got yet another employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that looks great on the surface, but not so good deep down in the data. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 252,000 and the unemployment rate fell to … Read More

December 22, 2014 |

Once Again, the Fed Drives Stocks Higher

What a difference a week makes. Friday before last, gloom and doom ruled the markets. The S&P 500 had plunged 3.5% in just one week. Investors were dumping stocks apparently because they had somehow become convinced that low oil prices … Read More

December 8, 2014 |

Establishment Survey Stronger Than Household Survey

Friday’s Employment Situation report, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gave the market a lift in the morning; but stocks gave back some of the gains by the end of the trading day. The headlines, which the media focused … Read More

November 24, 2014 |

Once Again Stocks Rally in Response to Central Banks

I woke up Friday morning to news that stock futures were way up. I didn’t know why, but I was willing to bet it had nothing to do with President Obama’s speech on immigration. Sure enough, it turns out that once … Read More

November 19, 2014 |

Recession in Japan; QE in Europe

Futures in the U.S. markets were way down earlier this week when it was learned that Japan was in a tax-induced economic recession. Thanks to a new consumption tax, GDP fell 1.6% during the third quarter. Why this comes as … Read More

November 12, 2014 |

Decline In Unemployment Rate Belies The Real Story

There was a lot of excitement Friday about the latest Employment Situation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The headline news was that the unemployment rate for October fell to 5.8%, its lowest level since July 2008. Even the broader … Read More

October 17, 2014 |

Long-Term Investors Have Been Waiting For This Sell-Off

Ebola, ISIS, Europe, China, Russia, retail sales, manufacturing. Take your pick. Wednesday’s sell-off in the market is being blamed on all of them. But it doesn’t really matter what you blame it on. The bottom line is that the sell-off … Read More

October 13, 2014 |

GoPro: Not a Pretty Picture for Shorts

Some stocks go up and some stocks go down. But some stocks go up no matter what–even when the market takes a big plunge. Take GoPro, Inc. (GPRO), the maker of wearable cameras. The company’s various products are … Read More

October 6, 2014 |

Decline In Participation Belies Strong Jobs Report

The Employment Situation report for the month of September looks great on the surface. The unemployment rate plunged to 5.9% from 6.1% in August; nonfarm payrolls climbed by 248,000, well ahead of the consensus expectation; … Read More

September 24, 2014 |

Treasury’s New Rules Ensure That Foreign Profits Remain Foreign

President Obama recently implied that American corporations executing tax inversions were unpatriotic. Just yesterday, the Treasury Department announced new rules that would make it more difficult for American companies to invert. These rules have prompted a sell-off in several key … Read More

September 18, 2014 |

The Fed Is More Hawkish Than It Seems

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) finished its two-day meeting and released its statement. Going into this meeting, the big debate among economists had to do with the wording of the statement. Specifically, they wondered if the Fed would remove … Read More

September 10, 2014 |

How To Make Money From A Weaker Euro Using ETFs

The U.S. economy has been growing at an anemic rate; yet compared to Europe, it is doing great. If they are not there already, many economies in Europe are on the brink of recession. In fact, the largest euro-zone economies, … Read More

August 27, 2014 |

Buffett’s Hypocrisy on Taxes Comes Through Again

The Burger King/Tim Hortons merger is big news largely because it comes soon after President Obama chastised American companies for trying to perform so-called tax inversions. Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew strongly implied that tax inversions were not economically … Read More

August 11, 2014 |

The Recent Rise in Volatility Could Be Lasting

It’s been an exciting three weeks in the stock market. Prior to Friday’s rally, the major averages were down about 4% from their mid-July highs. At the same time, the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) surged 51%. I’ve written at … Read More

July 16, 2014 |

Success = f(EFFORT, ability)

Track is my favorite sport. My earliest memories go back to the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City where Bob Beamon soared almost two feet beyond the existing world record in the long jump; and Jim Ryun, arguably the … Read More

January 28, 2013 |

Military Spending Boosts Third Quarter GDP

The advance estimate for third quarter GDP growth came in at a better-than-expected 2.0%. This was up from 1.3% growth in the second quarter and, on the surface, it looks like good news. With the election just days away, the … Read More

January 28, 2013 |

Obama Wins, Stock Futures Turn Red

The elections are over. President Obama gets another four years in the White House. This means Ben Bernanke remains at the Fed. Tim Geithner will remain at Treasury if Obama insists, but Geithner has made clear his preference to step … Read More

January 28, 2013 |

Fiscal Cliff Fears Founder the Market

The post-election sell-off is becoming a serious concern. The S&P 500 is down 3.6% in just the two days following the election. This is a clear indication that investors are not happy with the election results. President Obama remains in … Read More

January 28, 2013 |

Immigration, One Reason Why Romney Lost

The election is over and the analysts are trying to explain the results. Of course, there are many reasons why Barack Obama won and Mitt Romney lost. Yet one thing is clear. The Democrats did an excellent job of defining the … Read More

January 28, 2013 |

Stop Posturing and Cut a Deal Now!

It is difficult to point this out without sounding partisan, but U.S. stocks have been sinking ever since Election Day. The selling has been across the board. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index are both down … Read More

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