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Affluent Christian Investor | July 15, 2020

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August 4, 2015 |

How Medicare Ruined Health Care Billing, and How Hospitals Are Starting to Fix It

The Obama administration proposed last month that the federal Medicare program make one bundled payment for each joint replacement surgery performed in 800 hospitals in 75 U.S. metro areas.

This is the most significant thing that’s happened in the U.S. … Read More

August 3, 2015 |

Trump Tarnishes Republican Reputation

Donald Trump’s rise has certainly disrupted the race for the Republican nomination, but what sort of impact will his rise have on the general election?

In basic terms, Donald Trump’s presence helps the Democrats in the same way it helps … Read More

July 31, 2015 |

Why Social Justice is a Contradiction

Speaking on the occasion of the creation of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument in California recently, President Obama declared it to be “an issue of social justice.” Well, this was certainly giving a new stretch to an old term. … Read More

July 31, 2015 |

The Money Horror Picture Show

All is not well with the economy in spite of rising home prices and soaring car sales. The disturbing news comes from money. Losing velocity with money is like losing altitude while flying. It can be hazardous to your health.

Read More

July 31, 2015 |

Get Efficient at Managing People, or You’ll Have to Get Efficient at Laying People Off

The degree to which ‘professional management’ – the three-headed monster of the publicly traded companies, elite academia, and Wall Street — has dehumanized business is appalling; and the cavalier manner in which they go about it should cause good people … Read More

July 30, 2015 |

Psalm 91 For Protection As We Go About Our Business

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

– Psalm 91:1.

When I was in a dangerous country on a ministry assignment, our team met every morning at 7 … Read More

July 30, 2015 |

Minimum Wage Kills Goodwill

Seattle has imposed a $15/hour minimum wage.

Of course, this will kill jobs. It is basic economics: you cannot pay someone $15 to produce $10 worth of value. However, this essay is not about that. Nor is it about the … Read More

July 29, 2015 |

Oddsmakers on Trump Surge, It’s Helping Jeb Bush

Donald Trump’s rise in presidential opinion polls has not been accompanied by a real analysis of what his candidacy means for the race as a whole. While Donald Trump is not a serious candidate for president himself, regardless of whether … Read More

July 29, 2015 |

Prime Minister Tsipras, Here’s How To Create a New Golden Age for Greece

Dear Prime Minister Tsipras,

First, congratulations for mustering the popular support to say “no” to the troika. The euro has long offered Greece a perverse incentive to borrow, and now your country is trapped in debt. By any conventional means, … Read More

July 29, 2015 |

End Time Fables vs. Holy Living

“Indeed, of Zion it will be said, ‘This one and that one were born in her, and the Most High himself will establish her’”

– Psalm 87:5

In the Old Testament, Zion was the place where God resided in Israel’s … Read More

July 28, 2015 |

Why It’s Better Not to Have What You Want Sometimes

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

– Psalm 84:11

Today’s verse basically tells you that God is everything … Read More

July 28, 2015 |

Gold Prices are Well Below Market Fundamentals

For those who are speculating on the dollar—i.e. most people—there was good news this week. The dollar rose almost a milligram, to 28.3mg gold. That’s a big gain, and welcome news for those who keep all of their eggs … Read More

July 27, 2015 |

This is Your Brain on Dollars

We can’t count how many articles we saw last week, bemoaning gold going down. The price action is bad for gold (whatever that means). China underreported their gold holdings. No, China doesn’t care about gold. No, they want the … Read More

July 27, 2015 |

Deferred Giving is Reverse Compounding

According to Albert Einstein, compounding is the “Eighth wonder of the world.” Investors crave it. Mathematicians stand in awe of it. Yet it is not rocket science: One dollar invested today at a certain return is worth multiple dollars … Read More

July 27, 2015 |

The Antidote to Financial Panic

“They spoke against God; they said, “Can God really spread a table in the wilderness? True, he struck the rock, and water gushed out, streams flowed abundantly, but can he also give us bread? Can he supply meat for his … Read More

July 24, 2015 |

Steve Moore vs. Paul Krugman Debate = Tom and Jerry Show

With apologies to his fans, Jerry is an evil little mouse who constantly pesters Tom the Cat. Tom tries and tries, but cannot seem to overpower someone who is a fraction of his size and strength.

Watching Stephen Moore attempt … Read More

July 24, 2015 |

Give a Man Bricks, He’ll Build for a Day; Teach a Man to Make Bricks…

Over the years, we have tried not only to give money to our partners in Kenya, we have tried to help them earn revenue through the work of their own hands. We have helped open two chicken farms (one now … Read More

July 22, 2015 |

Official Odds of a Trump Win

The political news that dominated the past two weeks was the rise of Donald Trump. A month ago, Donald Trump was barely present in opinion polls; today, his approval ratings double those of the runner-up, Jeb Bush. Even after the … Read More

July 22, 2015 |

Driving Off the Cliff: Auto Sales Back at Bubble Levels

The worst recessions in history have all followed excessive investment in housing, personal transportation and the stock market. Today, the US is hitting two out of three. Take a look at the auto sales graph below. US sales have … Read More

July 21, 2015 |

Gold Price Crash, Speculators or Fundamentals?

The prices of the monetary metals cascaded downward this week, and the ratio of the gold price to the silver price rose accordingly.

Many analysts and speculators are puzzled. With everything going on in the world, gold should go … Read More

July 20, 2015 |

Recipe for Business Disaster: Rely On Formulas From Managers Far From the Frontlines

It seems as though the opposite should be true but the fact is that more often than not the simple solution requires in depth knowledge and a lot of hard work, while complexity is the child of laziness and … Read More

July 20, 2015 |

THERE’S Your Hyperinflation!

Hyperinflation is commonly defined as rapidly rising prices which get out of control. For example, the Wikipedia entry begins, “In economics, hyperinflation occurs when a country experiences very high and usually accelerating rates of inflation, rapidly eroding the real … Read More

July 16, 2015 |

China Market Collapse: The Snowflake Which Triggers the Global Avalanche?

Markets that climb to dizzying heights over extended time periods are known as bulls for a reason: they buck. I titled my book on investing Financial Bull Riding for that reason. A bull has been breaking things in China’s stock … Read More

July 15, 2015 |

The Chinese ‘Great Unmentionable’

“[I]t is the economist’s task so to understand the deeper determinants of economic conjunctures and affairs that his policy prescriptions can be intelligently and properly shaped toward their proper ordering, or where it is considered necessary, their correction and resolution. … Read More

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