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Affluent Christian Investor | December 10, 2023

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Obama won re-election, the Senate is still in the hands of the Democrats, and the Republicans are as ineffective as ever at halting America’s steady slide to socialism.

At a time like this, a lot of investors are scaling back their risks. The way some people are talking about it, buying lottery tickets or playing blackjack is less risky than investing in America right now. So cautious investors intend to hold on to their money until the crisis passes. The problem is, they may not have any money left when that time comes. Investing right now is not about risking what you need in order to gain more than you need. Wise investment may be the only way to keep anything. Because if you’re not gaining wealth in the Age of Obama, you’re losing it.

But how do you make money in this economy?

I’ve been a reluctant investor for 30 years. I grew tired of listening to a gaggle of experts on financial shows giving contradictory advice, so I stayed cautious because I didn’t know enough to make safe investments.

My caution, frustration, and ignorance are your gain. I have gathered all of my knowledge into The Affluent Investor. The Affluent Investor website is not an investment company. No one is going to contact you to sell you stocks, gold and silver, bonds, or any other investment. Affluent Investor is an information site.

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We’ve put together a team of financial analysts who have decades of success and an international perspective. It may be tough to make money in America these days—our progressive income tax is one of the worst in the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money in the Age of Obama.

For your consideration, we want to give you a free report—“How To Be an Affluent Investor in the Age of Obama.” You might be shocked to see America’s world ranking in the “Index of Economic Freedom.” The land of the “free” has become a nation only the brave would invest in.

Knowledge is power. Investing with the right information will make you sleep better at night. Stop gambling. Stop speculating. Get the facts, and start protecting your wealth.

With the right information, not only can you survive another four years of Obama—I believe you can thrive! That’s why, for a limited time, I’m giving away my 10-page report, How To Be an Affluent Investor in the Age of Obama, absolutely free!

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