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Affluent Christian Investor | December 2, 2023

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Survey - Affluent Christian Investor

Do you want to survive and thrive in Obama’s economy? If so, take 60 seconds to answer these 5 simple questions.

The Affluent Investor website is not an investment company. No one is going to contact you to sell you stocks, gold and silver, bonds, or any other investment. Affluent Investor is an information site. Your answers will help and our team of Investment professionals provide the information you create and protect your wealth on a daily basis.

We will also use the survey results to petition Congress to stop their slide into socialism. Let us know what you think and you’ll get Jerry Bowyer’s Free “Affluent Investor Report.”

Are you better off financially now than 4 years ago?

Is the economy heading in the right direction?

Do you have investments?

Do you follow the stock market?

Do you feel your income taxes are too high?

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