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Affluent Christian Investor | February 22, 2024

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What Is "Affluent Investor"? - Affluent Christian Investor

Affluent investor is… for decision makers. It’s not here to entertain you, though we hope you find it interesting. It’s not here to stoke your outrage, though there is a lot to be outraged about in our time. It is not here to exploit your fear, because fear kills your ability to appropriately address and react to danger. Affluent Investor is here to help you preserve your capital and perhaps make a good return on it in an age in which capital is treated as a threat, and its holders as public enemies by populist demagogues in high places.

Affluent Investor is… globally focused. America is  moving in the wrong direction, but lots of nations are actually improving their wealth-creation environment. We’ll tell you about those nations and what, precisely, they are doing to make your investment prospects better. And we’ll also tell you when they backslide. When it comes to finding high yield at low risk, what you need most are a wide array of choices, and that requires a global and not a narrowly national focus. We love America. Most of our writers live in America, though we’ve got a few ex-pats. But loving America is not the same thing as betting it all–your retirement, your family’s financial future, the capital out of which you fund your philanthropic outreach–on her at this particular moment in history.

Affluent Investor is…interdisciplinary. Lots of things affect the economy. Lots of things, including the economy, affect stock, bond, currency, and commodity prices. Investment commentary has developed the unfortunate tendency to focus exclusively on investments. But investments, prices, movements, valuations, etc. are results. You can’t understand a world by parsing only results; you need to look at causes. Causes such as culture, demography, property rights, soundness of money, regulatory overreach, and political instability are almost always ignored, but almost always important.

Affluent Investor is…politically incorrect. Political correctness is another enemy of thought. Whether arising from politics as the name suggests or out of academia from which it spills out into media and even to the business community, the intellectual flinches which tend to occur when one ventures into forbidden ways of thinking narrow our cognitive range and therefore impede our ability to see the world as it is, and not as the way that our intellectual ruling class wishes it to be. If you are easily offended by non-PC ideas, you won’t last long around here. But I’d like to respectfully suggest that if you are easily offended by non-PC ideas, you might not last long anywhere, at least as an investor or as an entrepreneur, in these hazardous times.

Affluent Investor is…fallible and teachable. We’ll get plenty wrong. The world is just too big and too complex for any human being to understand fully and that goes for any collection of human beings. We can’t be all right, because we’re finite human beings. And we can’t all be right, because we will often disagree with one another. That’s okay, because when sound thinking individuals come to different conclusions, you need to know that. You don’t need gurus. You need ideas, which you will then evaluate for yourself. And I’m pretty sure that some of you will have better ideas than ours. Send them in, or write a comment. We all need community. Please help us to improve ours.

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